Girl found in Long Bay

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, November 11, 2016 – Around 4:52 P.M Police and medical team responded to an area on Long Bay Road where a female who later ascertained to be ‘Kimberly Smith’ of Kew Town was found laying on the ground.She was transported to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre and was kept overnight for observation.  She is responsive and is cooperating with police.  Kimberly Smith was reported missing yesterday. Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Huawei says Hongmeng OS isnt designed as an Android replacement

first_img Company chairman Liang Hua said last week that Hongmeng was mainly developed for internet of things (IoT) devices, according to TechNode, and Huawei hasn’t decided if it’ll be applied as a phone OS.We got the first rumblings that Huawei trademarked Hongmeng in China after Google locked the company out of its Android updates in May, following the US government blacklisting Huawei networking gear and President Donald Trump signing an executive order effectively banning it. Google resumed work with Huawei after the US eased restrictions.Huawei didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.First published at 2:15 a.m. PT.Updated at 2:50 a.m. PT: Adds more detail. 1:23 CNET Apps Today Phones Tech Industry 40 Photos Now playing: Watch this: Huawei’s homegrown OS faces a steep uphill climb Share your voicecenter_img Tags 0 Post a comment The Hongmeng OS isn’t for phones, Huawei’s senior vice president told reporters. Angela Lang/CNET Huawei reportedly wants to keep using Google’s Android operating system in its phones instead of jumping to its self-developed Hongmeng system. Company senior vice president Catherine Chen told reporters in Brussels on Thursday that the Hongmeng OS isn’t even designed for phones, according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua.Chen apparently said Hongmeng is for industrial use, noting that it contains far fewer lines of code than a phone OS, and has much lower latency than a phone, meaning it can process a  very high volume of data messages with little delay. Huawei P30 Pro’s four rear cameras from every angle Huaweilast_img read more

N Korea names delegates for interKorean talks

first_imgNorth Korea`s leader Kim Jong Un speaks during a New Year`s Day speech in this photo released by North Korea`s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang on 1 January, 2018. Photo: ReutersNorth Korea has named its delegation for a rare high-level meeting with the South this week, the unification ministry in Seoul said Sunday, as Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe cautiously welcomed the talks.The two Koreas agreed Friday to hold their first official dialogue in more than two years and are expected to discuss the North’s participation in next month’s Winter Olympics in South Korea.The North Korean delegation for Tuesday’s meeting in the border truce village of Panmunjom will be led by Ri Son-Gwon, head of the North’s agency handling inter-Korean affairs, the ministry said.Pyongyang informed the South that four other officials will accompany Ri, it added, including those in charge of sports.The tentative rapprochement comes after the North’s leader Kim Jong-Un warned in his New Year speech that he had a nuclear button on his desk, but also said Pyongyang could send a team to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.Seoul responded with an offer of talks and last week the hotline between the neighbours was restored after being suspended for almost two years.The message comes a day after South Korea suggested unification minister Cho Myoung-Gyon would lead its delegation for the upcoming talks.Kim said in his New Year speech that his country wished success for the Olympics, to be held from February 9-25, while Seoul and Washington have decided to delay their annual joint military drills — which always infuriate the North — until after the Games.The Japanese prime minister voiced cautious hopes for the talks but stressed that having a meeting for the sake of a meeting would be a waste.”The Olympics is a celebration of peace. I want to recognise that change,” Abe said in a recorded interview aired Sunday on national broadcaster NHK.His comments came as US President Donald Trump went a step further and said he was open to holding direct talks with Kim under certain conditions.The two Koreas have been separated by the world’s most heavily militarised border since the Korean War ended in a stalemate in 1953.In recent months, the North has held multiple missile launches and its sixth and most powerful nuclear test — purportedly of a hydrogen bomb — in violation of UN resolutions.Abe, who long has taken hawkish stance against the hermit state, said Japan must upgrade its defence capacity in the face of the North’s missile threats.He reiterated the importance of “maximising pressure” on Pyongyang in order to force Kim’s regime to change its policies and said North Korea had violated past agreements designed to stop its nuclear programmes, adding: “We cannot afford to be fooled again.”last_img

Kidney transplants at SSKM One patient critical

first_imgKolkata: Moumita Chakraborty, one of the two patients, who had a kidney transplant on early Saturday morning, is stated to be critical. She has been kept under ventilation as her condition deteriorated following the surgery.Two kidneys were extracted from a 15-year-old, Mallika Majumdar, who was declared brain dead by SSKM Hospital on Friday morning. A resident of Siliguri, Majumdar was admitted to SSKM Hospital with infection in one of her ears.The family members of the victim were urged to donate her organs to others. After counselling, her family members agreed to donate her organs. According to hospital sources, the infection soon spread to her brain. One kidney was transplanted in Chakraborty, while the other was in Sanjib Das. The surgeries were conducted by the doctors at SSKM Hospital on early Saturday morning. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeAccording to SSKM Hospital authorities, another recipient of kidney, Das has been recovering. He has also been kept under observation. Both Chakraborty and Das are residents of North 24-Parganas.Two separate groups comprising three doctors in each conducted the transplants on the patients in two different operation theaters.The operations continued till 7 am on Saturday.The retina of the brain dead victim has been kept at the hospital, while her skin will be preserved at the skin bank of the hospital.last_img read more

Messaging app Telegrams updated Privacy Policy is an open challenge

first_imgSocial media companies are facing a lot of heat presently because of their privacy issues. One of them is Facebook. The Cambridge analytica scandal had even prompted a senate hearing for Mark Zuckerberg. On the other end of this spectrum, there is another messaging app known as Telegram, registered in London, United Kingdom, founded by the Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. Telegram has been in the news for an absolutely opposite situation. It’s often touted as one of the most secure and secretive messaging apps. The end to end encryption ensures that security agencies across the world have a tough time getting access to any suspicious piece of information. For this reason Russia has banned the use of Telegram app on April 2018. Telegram updated their privacy policies on . These updates have further ensured that Telegram will retain the title of the most secure messaging application in the planet. It’s imperative for any messaging app to get access to our data. But how they choose to use it makes you either vulnerable or secure. Telegram in their latest update have stated that they process personal data on the grounds that such processing caters to the following two goals: Providing effective and innovative Services to our users To detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud or security issues in respect of their provision of Services. The caveat for the second point being the security interests shall not override the space of fundamental rights and freedoms that require protection of personal data. This clause is an excellent example on how applications can prove to be a torchbearer for human rights and basic human privacy amidst glaring loopholes. Telegram have listed the the kind of user data accessed by the app. They are as follows: Basic Account Data Telegram stores basic account user data that includes mobile number, profile name, profile picture and about information, which are needed  to create a Telegram account. The most interesting part of this is Telegram allows you to only keep your username (if you choose to) public. The people who have you in their contact list will see you as you want them to – for example you might be a John Doe in public, but your mom will still see you as ‘Dear Son’ in their contacts. Telegram doesn’t require your real name, gender, age or even your screen name to be your real name. E-mail Address When you enable 2-step-verification for your account or store documents using the Telegram Passport feature, you can opt to set up a password recovery email. This address will only be used to send you a password recovery code if you forget it. They are particular about not sending any unsolicited marketing emails to you. Personal Messages Cloud Chats Telegram stores messages, photos, videos and documents from your cloud chats on their servers so that you can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups. All data is stored heavily encrypted and the encryption keys in each case are stored in several other data centers in different jurisdictions. This way local engineers or physical intruders cannot get access to user data. Secret Chats Telegram has a feature called Secret chats that uses end-to-end encryption. This means that all data is encrypted with a key that only the sender and the recipients know. There is no way for us or anybody else without direct access to your device to learn what content is being sent in those messages. Telegram does not store ‘secret chats’ on their servers. They also do not keep any logs for messages in secret chats, so after a short period of time there is no way of determining who or when you messaged via secret chats. Secret chats are not available in the cloud — you can only access those messages from the device they were sent to or from. Media in Secret Chats When you send photos, videos or files via secret chats, before being uploaded, each item is encrypted with a separate key, not known to the server. This key and the file’s location are then encrypted again, this time with the secret chat’s key — and sent to your recipient. They can then download and decipher the file. This means that the file is technically on one of Telegram’s servers, but it looks like a piece of random indecipherable garbage to everyone except for you and the recipient. This complete process is random and there random data packets are periodically purged from the storage disks too. Public Chats In addition to private messages, Telegram also supports public channels and public groups. All public chats are cloud chats. Like everything else on Telegram, the data you post in public communities is encrypted, both in storage and in transit — but everything you post in public will be accessible to everyone. Phone Number and Contacts Telegram uses phone numbers as unique identifiers so that it is easy for you to switch from SMS and other messaging apps and retain your social graph. But the most important thing is that permissions from the users are a must before the cookies are allowed into your browser. Cookies Telegram promises that the only cookies they use are those to operate and provide their Services on the web. They clearly state that they don’t use cookies for profiling or advertising. Their cookies are small text files that allow them to provide and customize their Services, and provide an enhanced user experience. Also, whether or not to use these cookies is a choice made by the users. So, how does Telegram remain in business? The Telegram business model doesn’t match that of a revenue generating service. The founder Pavel Durov is also the founder of the popular Russian social networking site VK. Telegram doesn’t charge for any messaging services, it doesn’t show ads yet. Some new in app purchase features might be included in the new version. As of now, the main source of revenue for Telegram are donations and mainly the earnings of Pavel Durov himself (from the social networking site VK). What can social networks learn from Telegram? Telegram’s policies elevate privacy standards that many are asking from other social messaging apps. The clamour for stopping the exploitation of user data, using their location details for targeted marketing and advertising campaigns is increasing now. Telegram shows that privacy can be achieved, if intended, in today’s overexposed social media world. But there is are also costs to this level of user privacy and secrecy, that are sometimes not discussed enough. The ISIS members behind the 2015 Paris attacks used Telegram to spread propaganda. ISIS also used the app to recruit the perpetrators of the Christmas market attack in Berlin last year and claimed credit for the massacre. More recently, a Turkish prosecutor found that the shooter behind the New Year’s Eve attack at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul used Telegram to receive directions for it from an ISIS leader in Raqqa. While these incidents can never negate the need for a secure and less intrusive social media platform like Telegram, there should be workarounds and escape routes designed for stopping extremists and terrorist activities. Telegram have assured that all ISIS messaging channels are deleted from their network which is a great way to start. Content moderation, proactive sentiment and pattern recognition and content/account isolation are the next challenges for Telegram. One thing is for sure, Telegram’s continual pursuance of user secrey and user data privacy is throwing an open challenge to others to follow suite. Whether others will oblige or not, only time will tell. To read about Telegram’s updated privacy policies in detail, you can check out the official Telegram Privacy Settings. 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