Vancouver City Council honors outgoing Jeannes at meeting

first_imgOutgoing Vancouver City Council members will have their names and years of service on engraved bricks in Propstra Square across from City Hall, a tradition that will start with Jeanne Harris and Jeanne Stewart.Harris, 57, and Stewart, 67, were honored Monday at their second-to-last council meeting. Both lost bids for re-election, making for a bittersweet ceremony.When Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt asked them to step down from the dais to receive gifts, Stewart responded dryly, “Is it something to drink?”Leavitt gave them engraved vases and showed them bricks, bearing their names, that will be placed in Esther Short Park’s Propstra Square.Leavitt said councilors will receive bricks after they retire, which proved a poor word choice.“Retirement? I don’t think so,” Stewart said.Both were praised by Leavitt and members of the council for their service to the city. They thanked members of the staff, council and community and praised each other.Stewart said she appreciated how Harris always saw the “big picture,” while Harris admired Stewart for being so detail-oriented.While they have opposing views on the controversial Columbia River Crossing — Harris supports it, Stewart opposes it — Harris said they have more in common than most people might think, and said there’s value in the fact they have different styles and ideas.“It might have been a little bit messy once in a while, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be,” Harris said. Referencing the fact they have the same first name, she joked she got away with doing things “because nobody could remember which is which.”last_img

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