Students get feel for international economics at mock summit

first_imgBrazil is looking to trade. The country has raw materials, food and consumer goods to offer. And in exchange, Brazil is hoping to find technology and business services, with just a dash of tourism.At least that was the plan advanced on Thursday by the country’s economic advisers, in the form of local high school students honing their economics skills.“It’s been cool to be immersed in a country’s issues,” said Evergreen High School senior and mock Brazilian Tim Madden.Madden, along with approximately 80 other students from Evergreen and Union high schools, experienced hands-on economics in their roles as simulated advisers during the International Economic Mini Summit held Thursday in the Evergreen gymnasium.This is the second year students studying current world issues have gathered to bargain and barter as representatives of 27 countries. The event is the culmination of an 18-week project for the students who researched social, political, and economic conditions of their assigned country in order to create a strategic plan for improving living standards.During the summit, students presented information displays pertaining to their country and then worked to forge trade relationships with other nations.That is all part of what the instructors and summit judges called experiential learning.“This is exactly how students learn best,” said Anita Jinks, a district administrator who acted as a judge.Jinks said the group work is important and she could tell that students had to pull together multiple resources in order to complete the tasks involved in the economic simulations.last_img

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