Snowy Saturday in Hamilton causes traffic troubles

It is a winter wonderland for most of the region, and while many are happy that the snow has come just in time for Christmas, it has also caused issues on the roads.Driving in Hamilton today was a challenge for many.Side streets had not yet been plowed and even priority roads that were cleared were slick as the snow continued to fall.At the collision reporting centre, an employee says she has lost count of how many crashes have been reported today, and says its easily more than double what they normally see but could not give an exact number.Some people reporting collisions here at the central station say the road conditions are very slippery.The city of Hamilton says snow clearing crews have been working non-stop plowing and salting roads.But it wasn’t just driving that was a challenge. Those walking or taking the bus also struggled.All the hassle of a snow fall had some dreaming of warmer temperatures, while others say the holiday spirit has them enjoying the white stuff. read more