Lake race once again ignited the passion of Qaidam

Yesterday, the race fourth stage into the Hercynian magic piece of fertile soil, the passion of the lake race into the magnificent Qaidam, has aroused great concern in the world. Racing team Mercedes Benz in the vast Qaidam Basin, with the broad and fascinating combination of the natural scenery of the Qaidam, so that this ancient wasteland in Qaidam infinite vitality on this day.

vast, magical Qaidam Basin is the largest national circular economy pilot area and the province’s only integrated urban and rural development demonstration area. Because of rich mineral resources is famous, known as China’s cornucopia. In this piece of ancient wilderness, Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, Hui and other 33 ethnic unity, the interpretation of the hard pioneer, the great spirit of the Qaidam, created a miracle, only last year, completed the GDP of nearly 60 billion yuan, accounting for 30.3% of the province, the cause has made rapid development. In this case, the people of all ethnic groups to come to the lake race, race around the lake this platform, the economic and social development to promote and showcase achievements, people of all ethnic groups in western area full of vitality and magnificent natural scenery, rich and colorful cultural tourism resources. read more

From January to July Xining city construction project 181 yuan

August 17th, news from the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics show that from January to July this year, Xining fixed asset investment completed 36 billion 504 million 780 thousand yuan, an increase of 28.05%. The main factors driving investment growth:

second industry investment growth accelerated. Second industrial investment in fixed assets of 19 billion 941 million 10 thousand yuan, of which industrial investment has become the vanguard of the overall investment in the whole society.

billion yuan or more significant role in the project. January to July, more than 100 million construction projects in Xining 181. read more

How to open jewelry store location

has not done the jewelry industry, it is impossible to imagine such a small product can contain so much profit! Jewelry industry is a real profiteering industry! So want to go to the jewelry store, how should the site?

site in the shop for, to maximize access to more customers, location is very important. The following small series will give you some small suggestions:

1. passenger traffic is the most important.

read more

Around the lake to attract a large number of provinces and cities to visit the delegation to visit t

with the lake race continues to expand the scale and influence rising, many provincial and municipal sports delegation came to Qinghai to learn from the work of the organization around the race competition, logistics, security, traffic control and other aspects.

by the end of July 9th, Jiangsu province has the Taihu organizing committee delegation "a line of 42 people in Hainan Province," roundabout international cycling tour organizing committee "a line of 5 people, Hunan province sports delegation of 27 people, Ningxia Province Sports Bureau, Yinchuan City, a line of 4 people from a group of 29 people, zhongweicity, a line of 9 people, Gansu Province Sports Bureau 3 people, a total of seven provinces and 119 official delegation to Qinghai to watch the twelfth Lake race. read more

nfrastructure investment continued to maintain high growth

recently, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, this year, the province’s total investment in fixed assets, infrastructure investment growth of 23%, continued to maintain a high growth trend.

this year, the provincial development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the various regions and departments, to lay the investment "combined", more precise guidance, investment in backward areas and major projects for the accurate service, effectively prevent the investment decline or fluctuation. At the same time, focus on the central focus of investment arrangements, a number of major projects in a timely manner to filter the report, to do a good job of funds for the implementation of the work. On the basis of the projects invested by the central government to carry out online scheduling monthly, to further enhance the project started, the disbursement of funds rate and investment rate, and then solve the difficulties and problems, focus on promoting private investment rebound. The first three quarters, the province’s total social investment in fixed assets of $275 billion 500 million, an increase of 12.5%. Among them, the real estate investment to maintain steady growth, the growth rate reached 18.6%; private investment grew 4%, since last July to August this year, 14 consecutive months of negative growth, achieve a steady rise, from negative to positive; manufacturing investment growth year-on-year growth of 0.5%; infrastructure investment growth of 23%, continue to maintain high growth. read more

Highlight the national characteristics of urban and rural development

in Datong County in promoting the new rural construction on the new


in recent years, Datong County of the new rural construction as the central task of the county Party committee and government to arrest, according to the Datong County rural economy, the existing agricultural industry development level, income level of farmers, rural environmental infrastructure, rural social security level, put forward "planning first, focusing on the foundation; easy to difficult, orderly; typical lead, demonstration; farmers, multi-party participation; system security, focusing on long-term development ideas of , combined with the village of regional culture, natural conditions, economic level and social status and other aspects of the actual, Datong County adhere to local conditions, highlighting the characteristics of the pilot demonstration principle, explore the formation of the" six "the new rural model, forming a unique new rural construction Datong road. read more

18 Taiwan businessmen to step on the line on the green

When the tourist season in Qinghai, the magnificent scenery, honest folk, attractive food, Qinghai attracts tens of thousands of tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery every day. In order to experience the characteristics of rich and colorful cultural tourism resources in Qinghai, Kunlun to deepen cultural impression, in August 7th, 18 travelling from Taiwan to Qinghai, for a period of 7 days to step on the expedition.

41 new employees bookstore reading hot

This year, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions continue to carry out activities to create a library of workers ", built a batch of high quality, standardized" staff house "demonstration, the union field acceptance, comprehensive evaluation, named Huangyuan railway protection defense team of 20 units in Xining city in 2015 for" staff house "demonstration. At the same time, Qilian Mountains, Qinghai, India Cements Limited and other 20 units were named "provincial workers bookstore", Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) co.". The activity of "workers’ Book House" has become an important measure to improve the quality of staff and workers, and has played an important role in the role of trade unions.

Union created in this year’s house at all levels of work, strengthen the distribution of books targeted, according to the needs of different levels, on-demand distribution, to maximize the "Library of workers" as the positive role of staff knowledge Park and the construction of enterprise culture carrier. Trade union organizations at all levels to play an active role in the declaration of Library of workers, the integration of different public resources, take the low cost and high efficiency of resource utilization, realize the complementary advantages, to the actual utility of multi-purpose, benefit workers. The establishment of the workers’ bookstore has ensured the basic cultural rights and interests of the masses of workers and staff, and has greatly enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the majority of the staff and workers.   read more

Hao Peng stressed in Xining research to create a good living environment for the construction of bea

7 19, governor Hao Peng on the smooth flow of Xining city construction and ecological environment comprehensive rectification work carried out a concentrated investigation. He stressed that the scientific orientation, system planning, linkage provinces, comprehensive measures to improve the city road network structure, accelerate the smooth construction, completes the city flood control work, strengthen the comprehensive management of the ecological environment, optimize the development space of city development, build an ecological landscape pattern of the city, promote the transformation and upgrading of the city, improve people’s quality of life and happiness index. read more

Huangyuan this year 12 private things

This year, Huangyuan will invest more than 500 million yuan, for the people of the 12 practical things. These 12 practical basic coverage of clothing, food, housing, travel, employment, health care and other aspects of the daily lives of the masses. Invested 190 million yuan to build Dahua Reservoir to solve the problem of large area of farmland irrigation. Through the tie of temple to Fuhai Road, solve the local people travel difficult problem. At the same time, we will continue to implement a number of projects to improve the living environment and living conditions of the masses, such as the construction of low rent housing, the reconstruction of rural dilapidated houses, the relocation of land for poverty relief and the construction of basic medical facilities. (author: Zhao Junjie, Dong Shuai) read more

3760 meters today’s fight against the top grade points

Today, all players will race around the lake gathered in the West Sea town of atoms, South departure to the Republican county "Tibet throat", see the players how to conquer this lake race last climbing grade will become the biggest thing today, the way people will wait and see.

wonderful two spectators notice


good weather 9 days a sunny road

in July 8th according to the provincial meteorological observatory the latest weather information display, July 9th, Lake Race fifth stage will usher in a fine weather, rain is not exposure ‘good weather. The West Sea town, clear to cloudy, the temperature at 5 degrees – 20 degrees C, westerly wind of the level of 1 – level; Gonghe County, sunny to cloudy, the temperature in the temperature of 8 – – 22 degrees, west wind – – 3 – 2. read more

n the first half Xining 90% government procurement spend small and micro enterprises

this year, the city to implement the 60 measures to support the development of small and micro enterprises, to increase efforts to carry out small and micro enterprises to carry out government procurement efforts to boost the development of small and micro enterprises in real action. In the first half, the city implemented more than 400 government procurement projects, the actual purchase price of 276 million yuan, of which the signing of a small and micro enterprises signed a contract of $249 million, accounting for 90% of total government procurement. read more

Municipal Party committee to convey an important meeting of the spirit of learning provinces

The afternoon of February 4th, the municipal government party secretary, mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government party (enlarged) meeting to convey learning, "NPC and CPPCC", the provincial government and the Municipal Committee of the 116th meeting of the Standing Committee of the plenary session of the spirit of the meeting, arrangements for the deployment of related work. Members of the municipal government, the deputy secretary general and relevant departments of the main person in charge of the meeting. read more

Gan River ndustrial Park in new projects and actively implement the three simultaneous system

Gan River Industrial Park Administrative Committee of the new enterprise project from five aspects to actively implement the "three simultaneous" system: one is the requirements of enterprises in strict accordance with the EIA approval requirements and supporting the implementation of the environmental protection facilities; two is to strengthen the environmental emergency work, the project put into operation before formulating contingency plans and measures; three is a project must submit an application to the environmental protection trial production department before production, to be approved before being put into trial production; the four is to improve resource utilization, vigorously develop the circular economy, and take effective measures to further reduce pollutant emissions; five is to establish and perfect the management system, the environmental protection work to strengthen management, to ensure the implementation of the "three wastes" emissions standards read more

Construction of a large pattern of water ecological civilization

water is the blood and soul of the city, but also the focus of building a beautiful Xining. In February 21st, the reporter learned from the municipal water authority, the implementation of "Xining city water city construction of ecological civilization pilot program" by the national Ministry of water resources review, Xining will use three years to complete the construction of the pilot, gradually restored to the axis, extending north and South Sichuan, both surface and underground water, land and water system of ecological civilization echoes. read more

People voted for the most popular Bridge

wetland and waterscape landscape is a city aura, the bridge is like a girl on the neck necklace! October 12th, please vote for the people to choose the most beautiful lake wetland bridge bridge after the news release, caused the general public to participate actively.

October 12th the same day, the voting hotline continued. The general public have said that the city is everyone, the construction of municipal facilities is to solicit the views of the general public. For the five bridge type of public preferences vary. At present, preference for scheme four flying swallow type bridge to more people, some people say, this unique design; also some people said that it and the existing Xining bridge is not the same, it is full of "western style". read more

Huangzhong clean up 129 accounted for not post cadres

Work is the first link in educational practice, Huangzhong county is closely linked to the theme of the people honest and pragmatic, outstanding learning while the investigation and reform, classification, take effective measures to quickly change the focus on energy can create conditions for change, step by step to some difficult problem, the problem of innovation mechanism to solve the moment actuator change to ensure that activities are not empty, is not empty, it results from the beginning.

City Forestry Bureau supervision and inspection of the work of three counties

In order to master the understanding of the work carried out around the green, guidance, supervision and afforestation work carried out to ensure that the work achieved results

to master the understanding of the work carried out around the green, guidance, supervision and afforestation work carried out to ensure the effectiveness of the work. Zhang Fujun, director of the Municipal Forestry Bureau led the relevant responsible comrades, went to three counties for high standards of afforestation and new rural greening work inspection guidance. read more

Gansu vegetables into the city’s main distribution of vegetables

In order to ensure the supply of vegetables during the holiday season, stable prices of vegetables, to ensure that people eat safe and cheap vegetables, recently, the Municipal Bureau of commerce organization of the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") and some vegetables, I went to Gansu for docking transporting large carnivorous. Gansu has become the main force behind the Xining vegetable transport reserve. Xining transporting vegetables from Gansu according to understand, Gansu cuisine is the main supply of vegetables in winter and spring in Xining City, in the Xining market, from Zhangye round red peppers, tomatoes annual supply of more than 25000 tons, the supply of Jinchang pepper, bamboo shoots each year more than 10000 tons, Wuwei pepper, eggplant, tomatoes in supply more than 16000 tons of silver, eggplant, Caigua annual supply of 30000 tons, Zhangye, Wuwei to Xining every year on the 150 thousand pigs. It is reported that, from Xining to Zhangye, transporting large vegetables in Yongchang, Wuwei, silver and other vegetables and breeding base for inspection, the local vegetable varieties, yield, price, transportation cost, time to market and the amount of live pigs in detail to understand. After field visits, the city has been in Gansu and the local business, government, township docking, the establishment of a stable cooperative relationship. 290 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables to ensure the market doing careful people will find that this year the price of vegetables and vegetables compared to the same period last year have declined markedly, according to statistics, since the distribution center operation, compared with the same period last year, the average price of vegetables in our city is about to fall 15%. According to the center of the person in charge, to ensure market supply, let the public to eat "vegetables", "cheap food", since operation, distribution center to increase the docking, big business and major vegetable base as of now, the cumulative 306 thousand and 200 tons of fruit and vegetable trade, trading volume of 298 thousand and 900 tons, 18383.3 tons of egg. Especially since entering July, Xining surrounding a large number of listed real estate vegetables, homegrown vegetables daily trading volume of 600 tons of play. Into the fall, the center has set out to prepare for the winter and spring season vegetable distribution, reserve work.   read more

How to promote the pharmacy in autumn and winter season

now almost any of the shops in the business will be used to promote the means, however, different time, different promotions, the promotional effect will be different. So, in the autumn and winter season how to promote? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

Xiao Xi is a single pharmacy owner, has been working for seven or eight years, the promotion of small hi is not unfamiliar, but the times are changing, the effect of the promotion is also changing. Xiao Xi remember many years ago, a promotion will attract a lot of customers lined up, but now has not as good as before, especially for him, such as monomer pharmacies, the promotion of the road becomes more difficult. read more