What is the future development trend of Shanghai dragon

around the search promotion of Shanghai dragon ER and the auction staff will never be eliminated in the information age, which is decided by the characteristics of the information age of the massive.

search engine is the net search for the information you want from the mass information, the explosion of the Internet in the information era, almost is the only way to quickly find the information they want. So we can clearly see that web site search, APP also have the search function, including WeChat also has a search function, why is that? More information, you need to search information from the ocean, otherwise unable to quickly find the information you want. In the information era, creating vast amounts of information but every minute thing, because everyone may become the maker and the dissemination of information, so the search needs, is the information age of the just, this is never changed.


Each search engine

believes in Shanghai Longfeng development direction of many Shanghai dragon ER is more or less have lost love in Shanghai, home to search the largest share of the market, this is an indisputable fact, do not bypass Shanghai dragon is love Shanghai in the coming period. Change every time and love Shanghai, every time, will have a huge impact on the bidding and Shanghai Longfeng work, this is no way to change the facts.

is caused by the search promotion promotion method is the most accurate and efficient

tasks are selected high-quality content from the vast amounts of information, and then search on the net type words when the users can solve problems, experience good web page display to the users, so the quality of content is the eternal pursuit of search engine. The search engine needs high-quality content, Shanghai dragon ER staff need to understand what is the quality of content, and then to create high-quality content for search engines to get traffic. So Shanghai dragon ER do not position himself as technical personnel, and should be positioning himself as the operating personnel, operation subject, operation direction and profit model to grasp the website, to create high-quality content, this is the Shanghai dragon ER personnel should do.

search needs – the information age eternal just

users search is automatically enter the search box to search words in order to obtain the corresponding search results, so the search term is the needs of users, I have always felt that Shanghai dragon ER/ bidding people are actually the core of the work, the work and the key words to search on how to do. If the business is the role of information connect product demand and product supply, then the Shanghai dragon ER/ auction staff focus, is the perfect docking search words and keywords, let users find the information they want as soon as possible, then carries on the thorough analysis to the search term, is very necessary.

What kind of content is >


search engine eternal demand — quality content

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