Website optimization offbeat RSO you do grassroots webmaster optimization

where the author’s own experiences about how to optimize their relationships to indirectly optimize their website

! !At the helm of ! friend!

grassroots webmaster in the Internet sea is a small boat, and the station is the leaf boat in the sea voyage! Would inevitably have to experience in the wind, you experience when you wave the heart of the business friends will escort you, will provide a safe haven for you! A lot of people say that there is no real friendship. And I think that is because you have no real intention to run your friendship, you do not really willing to pay, so you experience in waves and what do you expect others to help! Of course I also not to say that you seriously run every friendship, every really pay will be rewarded but if you do, you will have more contacts and resources than others when you need help, you will get the chance to help others than those NPC to manage and optimize the interpersonal relationship of many Many.

1, when people ask you to add your QQ please a little patience, I can really tell myself know, maybe a suggestion you will change the life of others.

3, when you join the QQ group of people asking questions, even if the problem is very simple and naive, when you have please answer when empty, increasing their exposure, sincere answer will make people think you are a understand to pay people, an active person you know to pay more willing to become friends with him, I do not think a few people will be willing to a day only in the group advertising link people make friends.

2, when you often visit the forum a real problem, please back under the stick, if you understand, please leave your advice and contact, if not understand, please give you encouragement which is a kind of help, will put forward more real problems that people usually say this kind of pragmatic hard-working, this success probability is bigger, or maybe you’re a word of encouragement will let you become a

China there is an old saying, Tu Yongquan, in the rapid development of the Internet today, people communicate more widely, but the relationship between people is more indifferent, as a grassroots webmaster best development opportunities together has gone, now most of the grassroots webmaster survive in the cracks, so we should pay more attention to the optimization of their relationships, for their own survival and development opportunities to add a

maybe we see in the title "RSO" must be very strange, you never heard of "Shanghai dragon" never heard of what the word "RSO"! Well, this is also the author of today suddenly have an idea whether we should play a unique name for this optimization. "RSO" English abbreviation "relationships Optimization" Chinese is "interpersonal relationship optimization", I have always thought that "is also a very important way of website optimization optimization of interpersonal relationship, especially as you should go to the grassroots webmaster optimized your relationships

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