Summary of the 6 increase the site outside the chain of the most practical methods in 2015



may be some buddies will think that this kind of information online has said a lot, I at the time of this writing is also considered, so you see me this article is absolutely elsewhere on the Internet can’t see. Although the method is less than the spread of the Internet, but I can tell you, these are the essence of the content, has a high value content.


fourth methods: to each big portal to register a blog or micro-blog like "individual homepage" (note that to see if you can be loved in Shanghai included blog) after registration fill in their own websites or your personal information can be released, the article should also be like to take the chain and anchor text? Of course, the best published information is not spam, mainly to the needs of the user, micro-blog can now open micro-blog, this is also a good place to release the chain, buddies can make good use of these platforms, like what micro-blog blog weight is pretty good.

second methods: in order to achieve the purpose of mutual interference, we can feel you and other similar sites to exchange articles, outside the chain of high quality but also can bring some flow, can not bring the best of both worlds, I believe there will be many webmaster friends willing to do.

fifth can go to some weight high popularity some personal blog comments, comments must be real comments, leave your site links, can also be soft to let everyone go to see your site inside the XXX article, attractive title would you comment on your site through the past will not be less leave your comments, and links can also add a chain.

first methods: write soft Wen contribute a large portal, first of all have great eye-catching title, such as "XXX to increase the site outside the chain method in 2015 the most practical summary" or "real experience exclusive disclosure XXX 10 industry secret" or "XXX earning $100 thousand a share when you see this title, you can withstand such temptation and calm? But this title would easily be the brightest buddies that is an article of authority, such soft Wen contribute once success = all reproduced, will automatically increase the number of the high quality of the chain of

third methods: a comparison of old-fashioned methods, but always is quite practical, can be said to be a panacea, the website submitted to the open directory or directory can be free, it is also a good collection of the chain, Hefei site optimization in the former wrote an article is "Shanghai dragon must teach you 3 strokes to create Shanghai dragon outside the chain of high quality resources", article talked about how to use some advanced search syntax to love Shanghai, more accurate and quick search of the website you want (that is to do the chain site, of course) to find a variety of directory stand is very simple the.


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