Shanghai Longfeng misread the original points system

I think my biggest mistake is a misreading of love Shanghai "original" two words, remember the end of last year, Shanghai love said to support the original site, introduction of the spark plan, at that time, I felt the chain will suffer setbacks, pseudo original value will greatly enhance the current the situation, I seem to have guessed half.

in the past few days I have been thinking, in the end where there is the problem, check a lot of information, I think, the problem may be in my most trusted "original".

hit the green radish in the chain, I expected, my site did not receive green radish invasion, but not able to escape the 419 events in the news. The current situation is basically no keywords ranking, the chain growth is slow, included increase, snapshot update, in fact, about the Shanghai dragon, is to rank, what included snapshot, and so are the icing on the cake, there is no ranking, other is redundant.

I don’t know what it is not.

I had to Shanghai and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon dragon, the subconscious is the link + original, so, even if the site not worth what updates, I will put all sorts of things together some of the content, then the original artifacts, of course, the pseudo original is absolutely high quality pseudo original, is all my own hands to fight, and use the software to generate, in order to avoid the keyword density too high, I don’t have to update all written documents related to the theme of the content, but to create a specialized classification, and then set to air fryer latest information, all the search engine to see articles are published in this one category, and then in the home set to not show the content classification, but in order to avoid the black hat, and I’m not prohibited, in random article so that readers can still see However, it is not in the main position, but in the love of Shanghai, these special settings are not what shows the general articles is the same.

April 19th, a large number of blog sites suffered earthquake, will drop right, or by K, the impact of large, deep aftershocks, so far, the white Zijing blog 贵族宝贝kongqizha贵族宝贝, all articles are original, this was still difficult, carefully check the reason to share with friends, we can look at the website structure and the establishment, which is negative, and I hope you don’t fan the same mistake.

love Shanghai for cheating the definition is very abstract, but there is such a word to say "where the aim is to search engines instead of user’s operation, basically be cheating" is probably the meaning of it, I don’t remember the exact words, in fact, not to be able to do website. Shanghai Dragon and Shanghai dragon, should make every effort to enhance the user value, at least love Shanghai is the expression of this meaning, of course, we need to rely on the love of Shanghai now, there is no need to tangle what "only allowed not allowed to do anything" of the problem, we can not change the love Shanghai, can only change yourself.

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