The establishment of the website external links a valuable way and attention points

first, connect the page where the correlation. Each page to do some targeted keywords, but not many words on a page, because with the search engine algorithm to improve the concept of correlation is also gradually popular, the correlation performance in many aspects, and the connection in pages is one of its outstanding performance, and we are building the external links should set good keywords into the corresponding page keywords, and not just home. The benefits of doing so has the following points. First of all, to highlight the theme of the page, so that readers at a glance, secondly, a good correlation between the enhanced website user experience, improve the user traffic increase website PV, we think these invisible things is often the key to improving our website ranking. Finally, increase the spider crawling range so as to improve the search engine to visit our site will undoubtedly increase the frequency of trust search engine for our website, to lay a good foundation to improve website weight effect.

second, the high quality of the external connection. The high quality of the external connection is the Shanghai dragon Er consistent pursuit of the goal of building a high quality outreach, outreach functions have a few points, first, improve the website trust in search engine. Because of the high quality outside the general performance in the following aspects, the website weight is very high, the higher the website included quantity, many high quality website outreach support and early maize registration time etc.. For example, Admin5 is the webmaster of the fully deserve high weight.

as everyone knows, the external connection construction site is one of the essential site Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, the platform and the construction of the outreach way very much, but how to effectively establish the relatively high value of the website outreach each optimization personnel shall consider and face problems, many of my friends have such doubt, my site included many outreach is also very good rankings why do not? My website external links quality is also very high, and the frequency stability is also very good why outreach to update the website weight but the delay is difficult to search engine recognition? In the face of these questions, the author today and we share with relevant reasons the following may be due to these problems and coping methods. First, I talk about the external connection for the true value of the website, the website external connection is a double-edged sword, the high quality of the site for the outreach of the weight and website ranking increase will undoubtedly plays a huge role in promoting, on the contrary, some bad connections will not only affect the search engine for the web of trust, further will affect the weight of the website and ranking, external connection is the other sites for a vote on their website, the role in the performance of Google is the most obvious, high quality and stability of the outreach is search engine based recognition, regardless of how search engines development, external links and search engine optimization are closely linked and inseparable, the value of the connection it is remarkable. The author in detail items as we interpret how to build valuable website outreach and key points of attention.

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