Shanghai Longfeng dedecms solution in automatic and automatic chain within the chain of real BUG

file upload, covering space

seven, finally, in the system settings of "performance settings" choose to use keyword related articles, "other options -> keywords replacement number with number not less than 1.

I have recently revised website, the dream version 5.7, want to make the automatic chain, on the Internet for a long time, found that all of the articles are only solved within the chain, but does not solve the "automatic" two words, then after the study, can solve the problem by 5.7 automatic chain. The following methods, and solve in the BUG chain.

six, a key update website (-> update all previous articles within the chain will automatically


four, modify the above code for

two, function ($kw, ReplaceKeyword for & $body

)Three, find out the following code



bug: if there are two key words "foreign language" and "foreign language teachers", "the Chinese teachers", automatic chain will always link as "foreign language", and forget the foreign language teachers in the key words.


, open the include/arc.archives.class.php file

permission to reprint this article, please remember 贵族宝贝imzzr贵族宝贝


five, OK, has been modified and saved. FTP include/arc.archives.class.php


, every time you add a good article, all is solved automatically.


note: the new code can effectively eliminate the automatic chain bug

, the newly added articles automatically within the chain, you don’t need to "background -> -> core; -> batch maintenance; maintenance document keyword" where hard links added. If you are like me, lazy, can be in the background of -> system; -> basic parameters of -> system; performance options following

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