Shanghai Longfeng Encyclopedia of actual combat strategy


in the edit entries, the title and content are very important, as far as possible to regulate official authoritative tone. Such as title, entries including a title and two title, we often only a title. The title should be concise, layered design. Each title under the content must be detailed, do strong, do not empty to duplicate content heap words. A description of the contents and tone.


actually create entries more easily through the ratio of entries, one has been through the entry at least that its content has a certain authority, so for the added content of the audit will be more rigorous, and you should add the content than the original content unless more authoritative and more representative, otherwise it is very difficult to be supplemented by the moreover, you will need to add links.

The content of

on the entry of many friends tested, estimated that many people search a lot of methods but has not found Wikipedia itself should tell you how to write entries will be more easily through! As long as you log back love Shanghai encyclopedia will find the above detailed entry editorial principles and help, tell you how to avoid the conflict editor that, how can you make the entry pass the instructions and examples comparison.

first, have to say is class account, if a little bit of friends should know the account level is higher, the greater the authority by probability is also bigger. But even lower account can not be in love with Shanghai that links to the account level is more important. If you search QQ group will find N a special brush each other love Shanghai grade group, there are numerous problems for you to brush every day. Of course, you can directly buy Premium account, now there are many people selling special grade brush. Account of the passing rate is also very important, do not casually add or edit entries, pre collects some relatively easy entry editing to improve the pass rate for your account.

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people know the chain for the king, all know to find weight high website to add your own links, and we all know the weight of course love itself is the highest in Shanghai. You know, Post Bar, space, encyclopedia, library etc. these as long as possible to put a link where you must not miss so much, of course, the number of the best channel encyclopedia, Wikipedia is the only key because, unlike that with a keyword can have a lot of questions and answers. Wikipedia has become a a hotly contested spot, of course SOSO encyclopedia. If a high index keyword can successfully add a link to it, not only transfer the weight, but also bring considerable traffic. Webmasters have their general ways as God want their website entries can be included, but the fact is not so simple. Many webmaster multiple submissions have been rejected, and the most difficult is to add the URL, often rejected is advertising too! But this is only part of it, in my opinion of the actual content and reference materials is more important

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