Owners to use the long tail keywords to increase the flow

(3), a huge number of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords is the modification in the target keywords added words, form new keywords. Too much modification of the words, the words used by the user is too much, so give me to bring the invisible value, but also let us face more and more challenges and more.

(6), long tail keywords change at any time. With the social progress, economic development. People’s living standard continues to improve, people on the Internet looking for a great change, so the key words change at any time, an event, a news, will change the trend of all keywords, we have to prepare for the webmaster.

(1), around the product, find the title keywords. First of all, you do understand, you have to do to you, the target product. If you don’t know, just rely on "love Shanghai, all know". In this way, their own web site is too bitter too tired, no happiness. Around your product, designed the title. To sell products to users, the website promotion to the user, the user can often search, we want to use the user’s thinking. Therefore.

(1), the search is not subject to fluctuations is not fixed. Some words, search today, tomorrow there is no search, it is normal for a. I had this experience.

two, if you set the long tail keywords

(2), general long tail keywords. Long tail keywords is the modification in the target keywords added words, form new keywords. At the same time, these words are the user license, accepted by the user.

(5), little competition. In the field of electronic commerce, all speak a niche in the market, their own projects, big companies is difficult to intervene. Do the same long tail, long tail keywords too much, no one can do. Like knowledge, who can say the world learned everything.

has a lot of friends, all know the use of long tail keywords at the site. Indeed, the long tail keywords brought us no flow and value of money. The long tail theory have long put out, at that time did not use in the Internet, but the ordinary life. Later, the development of the Internet, the long tail theory applied to the Internet, so many webmaster success. A website alone to do target keywords, after all, is to do in front of only a few. Therefore, the long tail keywords is also a mine, waiting for the station to be mined, but not all sites are suitable for long tail keywords.

(4), the conversion rate is higher. Do you have ten thousand IP products, no conversion rate, and one of only ten IP in a single transaction, which is of higher value. We do not do products, flow station, we have to convert the precise flow and high rate. This is what some Taobao customers earn over one million, one of the reasons why some are not a small income.

, a division of long tail keywords

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