How to do a comprehensive revision website also won’t be right down

first, Shanghai dragon has an effect on the comprehensive revision of the website? This is affirmative, inevitable. When the line on the website, if often encounter such a situation as a comprehensive revision, change the template, change procedures, is bound to affect the Shanghai dragon ranking, it is inevitable for many new Adsense website, just on the line for.

did the Shanghai dragon webmaster should do such a thing, that is love in Shanghai a few days ago to update the chain, links, in order to catch up with the big update to increase the chain. This website is so I love in Shanghai, I will update on the eve of the old station program all removed, replaced with new sites, and then updated a few original articles, the original is in order to get the new post as soon as possible is included, phase >

when we usually do website optimization, website has been a problem, because the revision is very easy to cause the site is down right, serious point may be K, which means the website done before optimization and efforts were in vain, but to increase the intensity of investment and let the net station restore. Of course, the website is not no good, when we encounter the bottleneck of the website of Shanghai dragon, the website can indeed become a shortcut to improve Shanghai Longfeng effect, but it should be noted here, only a slight revision, I have deep experience.

since I want to say today is the site of a comprehensive revision, it must take the space under the original program all deleted from the perspective of the Shanghai dragon website is tantamount to Dutch act, and I in order to practice the website does not have a negative impact on the degree of Shanghai Longfeng, decided to the hands of a product website for a long time did not take care of the enterprises do not long while tube test, but this site in the search engine performance is good, at least more than half of the time not updated, although included from the previous hundreds of pages to reduce revision before 20 pages, but the snapshot is almost every other day, which I have mentioned in the summary of the article the change of the eight love Shanghai updated, love Shanghai recognition of the website type degree increased, that is to say some sites do not need to regularly update still Can still maintain good search engine friendliness, such as product display station. Following the revision of some experience to take after.

some websites have not found any problems during the test, but after the on-line operation for a period of time there have been a variety of problems, so three days a small change, a big change on Monday; some owners may see other better templates in the web site after online, so want to change your site into the style version of love; some may do website operation for a period of time that did not achieve the desired effect, and then converted to other industry site, various circumstances website, is the last of a website and Xiao Jun today and we said the revision, is the original site program all removed, replaced with new procedures, are two completely different theme also, I want to say that today’s Web site a comprehensive revision.

before the comprehensive revision of the best love Shanghai update

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