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      this year, the industrial development Chinese form of network advertisement market is more mature and complete, from more and more professional network media, to the increasing number of Internet advertising agency, to the technology upgrading of network advertisement management system provider, to provide Internet users access monitoring analysis and the brand competitive professional survey companies involved, the whole industry chain development of online advertising is more complete, the industry is also more mature.

      Sohu through two times before the merger, purchase network game professional media and 17173 real estate professional media focus network, 2004 is the rapid development of the two major media of the year, revenue has doubled growth. With these two professional media Sohu matrix, online advertising revenue has narrowed the gap with sina. In 2004, NetEase paid attention to the construction of media channels, and the volume of news and information access increased greatly. In some, such as the automotive industry, FMCG industry has some advantages. Other portal media, such as TOM and , have made rapid progress. The development of TOM >

extract the customer’s curiosity,

only science fiction can make people feel mysterious, it will arouse curiosity of others. Science fiction is something that people just want to get, but they don’t believe they can really exist. That’s what customers never see. You might say that there’s hardly any such product, no, but we can make a false impression that the biggest advantage of the Internet is that it’s easy to create false appearances. Here you might faint, an example would be relatively simple, a long time ago, I have no intention of entering a selling software station, station user experience is very good, just a single page, I have been to many station software but rarely attracted me, but the Station attracted me, because is there a promotional video, the video station introduced a webmaster to develop their own software, the software is very cow X, video to teach you how to use the software is very simple to obtain any grassroots station background permissions. I was really interested in that and decided to join that station’s VIP to get the cow X software. Then I went to the webmaster consulting, just know that he and I are all understand a hundred team members, I think this is easy to do, but it is brother, software is really guaranteed. But he told me that because it is his brother, software can be sold to others, but it can not be sold to you. This really got me out of my mind. I protested strongly. Why? The brother told me Software >

? How can

"advertising effectiveness" was the highest use of the Internet advertising industry in 2004. The network media launched a new form of advertising in the advertising position, try to optimize the page, the network advertising agency to optimize media combination, improve the overall effect of advertising, advertisers are not only looking for advertising display, click rate, and the primary problem of locking in "my investment return rate is how much". In 2004, China’s online advertising market developed rapidly in the pursuit of "advertising effectiveness".


the answer is mystery.

      the rapid development of online advertising market; industry form is more mature;

any product can achieve huge profits, the biggest difference is how to shape the product’s own value. From the Taobao customer can reflect Taobao, made guest friends all know like health products commission are very high, especially the slimming products of this kind of commission can reach 50%, one hundred yuan of weight loss products minus 50% Commission, then the seller can always remove the cost profit, visible fertilizer cost of products really too low, how can it not profits. Why low cost products can achieve profits, and there are a lot of high cost and high quality products to ensure the performance is not ideal? Click here to La very straightforward to tell you any products as long as the shape itself value can achieve profits high interest rates and high sales, as long as you do the following I will teach you the three step shaping the value of the product, also can quickly achieve profits.

‘s first step, to create an illusion, to stimulate customer curiosity,

how do you want customers to be interested in what you’re doing,

      portal class network media advertising steady growth; competition will become increasingly fierce;

      media portal, sina is still Chinese network advertising market leader, the number of visits and the customer is in the leading position in the portal camp, online advertising revenue for the year 2004 to 500 million yuan, advertising revenue is comparable to some of the traditional large media group’s income.

how to let customers pay attention to what you are doing, this beginning is very important, this step is not good, that is, you do all marketing strategies are empty talk, after all, customers do not know. If the customer has no intention to know nor care too much, because any industry including any product competition is absolutely very fierce, customers are not good serve, because they have seen too many things too ordinary, not interested in any product.

      in 2004, China’s online advertising market has increased from 1 billion 80 million yuan in 2003 to 1 billion 900 million yuan, maintained in a state of rapid growth. At present, China’s online advertising market accounts for less than 1.4% of the overall Chinese advertising market, far below the international average of about 5% level. The growing factors, coupled with the overall Chinese traditional advertising market, the number of Internet users continues to grow and compound growth is expected in 2005, and the next few years, China Internet advertising market will still maintain a relatively high growth rate.

the answer is curiosity.

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