Network promotion question and answer on the chain of skills

The new

is the network popularization personnel, Q & a platform on the chain is will take place, high weight and good effect. There are a lot of question answering platform, like Shanghai know, Search ask, Q & A, YAHOO knowledge hall, Sogou quiz, quiz and so on Qihoo are relatively common, small series is more love Shanghai, know the question and answer, Soso Ask the three platform, I believe many people have three promotion platform familiarity not only is a word to describe the "cooked". Will be in the first row but put the chain speed and effect in the Tianya quiz platform all without exception, but to achieve the effect of superior skill is needed. In the small titanium reactor site using the chain platform on the question and summarizes some methods and skills to promote effective faster for you reference.

third: investment chain

platform takes the question and answer questions after the integration, two kinds of methods to do a lot of need to have a certain integral account, and.

: the first to answer questions.

second: answer new questions.

fourth: ask answer promotion website

You can take

website promotion question, whether it is for the product information delivery or delivery site outside the chain is relatively good, but also can be said to be the best practice. But ask yourself from a need to replace the IP, the network popularization personnel conditions for LAN work had certain restrictions, but now the network has many IP tools for free, the webmaster can help.


with the keyword of the website to the question and answer platform search, appear on the key problems can go on the website keywords, product information and chain. But the general platform related information will be limited, and generally have many floors of the answer, this practice of website promotion of products and services can be very effective, but to increase the chain effect is not obvious. Because you may answer in the bottom floor, love Shanghai most the problem has been updated many times, the probability of updating again is not great.


question is the link, this is a fairly loose chain condition, we can make full use of the platform to give webmasters question and grace to put in the website. When asking questions, put into the site keywords and links to increase the site keywords ranking of the chain and have a very good effect.

platform to update every answer the question and answer, just go into the question and answer page, you will see the new problem there are many zero answer, can be posted on the web product information and links, the best guarantee in the first floor, so it is possible to the information you will crawl in love when Shanghai first to crawl the page. This method is on the chain effect is good. And put the question and answer information, there will be many small platform to reprint this website you of the chain will increase exponentially, achieve a multiplier effect.

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