To maintain the bottom line of Shanghai Longfeng vitality to respect and protect the original

Identification of original


protect the original first one: first put the article to weight high website

refused to piracy, protection of the original "this sentence is life often can hear, but do not much, because of the original China protection is not enough, a lot of variety of rampant piracy are nobody dare to, resulting in the original people become less and less. This and the babyliu today referred to the protection of the original Shanghai dragon is the same reason.

in this case, if you want to publish original owners in their own station, and their website weight is lower, should give priority to the post to keep a certain weight of some of their own blog or website, or is the high weight forum, the site included, then the article published to their site, so you can protect your original, although there will be some trouble, but the effect is good.

in the webmaster forum also contribute through more than 10 articles, joy is to see his article by submission, but sadly see your article is reproduced after all copyright information is deleted, then babyliu can not help but lament: when I can become a truly original Shanghai dragon? Life is communication, when you see these pirated Shanghai Dragon Er exercise their "copycat" theft, and who are willing to write original articles to share? When the Shanghai dragon did not exchange, this industry is destined to become a pool of stagnant water, in the face of these, Shanghai dragon Er should be how to protect their original?

do not guarantee.

protect the original second strokes: insert copyright information should pay attention to the position and comprehensive


have to say, the search engine algorithm is not mature but also lead to frequent cause of infringement of the original, because the search engine is not a person, it is limited recognition method of original articles included included: see time, the sooner the more chance is considered to be the original. This will be a problem: a weight high website is very fast, if it is going to be a collection of original articles a small website weight low, it must be included time than the original site, which will cause the original infringement.

is the most effective information of copyright, piracy is piracy, because it is the original copyright information changes, therefore, must pay attention to scientific information copyright. Here, babyliu to the webmaster several suggestions: first, the copyright information not only left a link, because the link is too easy to be changed, as long as the other party a copy of the past, and then see what you can see the link, you can immediately get rid of. The correct approach should be to complete the copyright information, you can choose to add your website title, as an article of the same:

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