With the help of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools fast positioning solve right down

first, the space station is relatively stable, which is no doubt, from the use of daily I can feel it, but this feeling is not reliable, we all want to talk with data, so we need to use the tools, so, what tools can own better than love Shanghai? So, love Shanghai webmaster tools capture abnormal tools can clearly display skills to the full, it can help us to identify the problem.

down the right site has been a lot of stationmaster headaches, a few years ago, if the site is down right, if managers do not have enough experience and wisdom, is to find the right down the reason are difficult, let alone to solve. However, the situation in Shanghai love webmaster tools is increasingly perfect today, it is not so difficult, even if the initial entry of Shanghai dragon Er can also use this tool to quickly locate and solve problems right down.


station within two months of love Shanghai crawl records:

Webmaster Tools

today, I take a hand on the terminal machine as an example, to analyze examples! Yesterday, which is 2013.12.10, Dongguan Baote terminal machine network in the sea and fell in love with a very good performance, terminal machine, automatic terminal machine, automatic soldering machines are generally ranked in more than 10, the most more than twenty of the state. Maybe some friends do not believe that I feel so fooled, we see today’s performance:

considers the possible problems, such as site security, the chain and the article, my articles are original, although the number may not how, but the quality is absolutely reliable, so that I have absolute confidence. Site safety after detailed inspection still no problem. Finally, the rest of it can only be Links.

however, the ideal is full, the reality is the backbone of the optimization, we will face a variety of circumstances at any time, in the morning, when I opened the website again, the show in front of me is a tangled depressing thing — love Shanghai in each key word search Not the least trace was found.. Title have no way to find love in Shanghai. This is obviously the site is down right, then we should be how to find the reason, how to solve the problem of

? The following is the

on the web is certainly more positive energy, the only way to love Shanghai will have the weight of 1, will have 1 of the traffic statistics? In this case, we need to do is to burn a fire, a struggle, it may make up to the front page of the website directly.

can see, the site in 10.12 to 2013.12.10 on the same day, that is yesterday, 1 mistakes, the error rate is as high as 6.2%, will this is the fundamental reason of the site is down right? My assertion, which is bound to have contact, but not the determining factor cannot be determined.



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