Website optimization process of the chain business should pay attention to matters

, the trading behavior of the chain, love Shanghai as early as before the launch of algorithm of combat, yet people are doing this, Xiao Bian did not think that this is not good, no construction site outside the chain for the website optimization, you can try this case. But when this demand release, small or to remind those who demand the release for the quality of the chain must carry on the strict control. The following small from the following, matters needing attention about the chain business.


2, released platform limited

in the pig site, looking for chain partners, it is best to find that reputation is good, can guarantee the above three.

But with Why

3, each chain link number

deletion rate is not so high

4, find the credibility of a good service provider

in the past few days around the pig site when the site outside the chain sale inadvertently found, as long as the demand for the release of personnel posted on the platform above the chain, then you can provide the corresponding amount of deposit can be. But the chain release just need to release the platform links submitted, finally waiting for the release of confirmation, if approved, will put the money back to the number of the corresponding chain publisher.

for the sale of the chain, not their own publishing and production, although you can increase the number of the chain, in a short period of time but for the chain publishers to other platforms, it will appear to delete or not open web pages. As a result, the result of this link does not have much value, while the love of Shanghai at this time included, because this page does not delete the value will soon be in love with the sea from the index database. Therefore, I need to remind the small place in the audit, to ensure that the chain survival rate in a period of time.

said there are restrictions on publishing platform? See the chain when the demands in the pig site for the chain to be audited, many people are not released in the same platform number, although this is not a person’s behavior, but because of the chain platform are generally favorable. This will cause the chain effect of diversity is very poor. The equivalent release of demand in the chain to buy, there are a large part of the waste. Therefore, this requires in the purchase of the chain, pay attention to the diversity of the chain, there are some strict audit.

has released the chain, in order to save time, usually in a chain, with 5-6 links, which most probably it did not actually happen will be very poor. There are some chain publishers put some chain made with the background color is the same, although the audit time can not see, but this does not mean that spiders can’t recognize. Therefore, the best is a chain on the 1-2 link, it would be better. The chain needs when making requirements, is that this is the case, if the violation is not approved.

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