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in the earlier years, ask some experienced web site operators how to improve website ranking, it might tell you without thinking "to do the links, some websites can increase keyword density". So many years ago, the site title with keywords and not to mention the site be not at all surprising, filled with the contents of the statement is unreasonable. Later evolved to the content on the website of the extra attention, but the smart owners still have a pseudo original strategy. Such as bulk black chain, malicious brush stations and so on, also did so many websites glorious moment. However, such a brilliant history and has been or will be gone. Although the search engine links care as in the past, are also very concerned about the original content, but its proportion in the continuous decline in website weight.

has a splendid historyIf the

early last year, Google released the first new social search, and its integration into the trend of the existing search engine is more and more obvious. At 8 pm on September 1, 2011, the domestic Chinese search engine giant love Shanghai started a new search page, a trend is very clear search fusion and social networks. After the Spring Festival, careful users found what has, many websites.

algorithmYou can see some websites through

Transformation: unsystematic

2012 will eventually come, whether you expect or care-laden. The weather seems to have in this highly variable year more in Europe, constantly changing, cold waves of Blizzard is different to the past, the spring. With the same weather is hard, although the Spring Festival, many in the website construction and website operation seem as difficult to be happy. Love is the first large area of Shanghai in the update site, lasting about a week time section of the website snapshot, ranking is loose. Google seems to have changed in the privacy policy not resigned to playing second fiddle, at the same time, also continue to optimize the panda algorithm, resulting in many websites PR decline in ranking fluctuations. Worrying is not ranking floating, but through the rankings we are difficult to find its inherent law, and this feeling a more real.


, a network of the company in Shanghai, the "Shanghai site construction" the words almost screen for several years, even the occasional update of the afternoon, a few days or slowly return to the existing position. I have some links to their counterparts in Shanghai in-depth analysis found that the fundamental reason is the front rank with the chain of strong, and there have been dozens of gov and edu domain over the link. Although it is not content to update the site month after month and year after year, but the ranking is still strong. But unfortunately, in the search engine update in October last year, in addition to this website mingluosunshan never came back. Website optimization circle "content is king link for emperor" is regarded as the Bible, but after careful of this change ranking will be found, even if the top rated website, original content and links on its website, it seems there is not much advantage.

signs: a case is not accidental

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