Where is the true role of the static URL

, static URL the biggest role is not to search engine included better, not for the better, but because many parameters, dynamic URL is a mess, it is easy to cause a page there are a number of different URL. The search engine can not think of you as a page has more than one URL, it will be that multiple URL pages you repeat, so that the site has a large number of duplicate pages. This is a very bad phenomenon.


In fact, I think

at the same time, a number of the same page, let the spider crawling duplicate search engine is caused by the waste of resources, increasing the burden on the server site.


so, I personally recommend URL static or dynamic than good. Of course, if you are a WordPress web site, the dynamic parameters are very small, not pseudo static and indifferent.

has clearly shows that the dynamic URL for search engines does not have any effect on the.

noble baby in September 2008 when it clearly suggest that you don’t dynamic static URL, which is because URL contains a lot of dynamic parameters, these parameters can help search engines understand the content of the page.

this is not difficult to understand, but now do Chinese sites, mostly eat by the noble baby love Shanghai, how to say we have not so much.

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now knows as long as the website static website than dynamic website, dynamic web site URL will be static, is usually called pseudo static, but why do you want to do? Most people may say, in order to better search engine crawling and included in our website, for the user experience, in order to look good……

Shanghai official love is how to say

and now love Shanghai webmaster tools and a pressure feedback, it will automatically adjust the grasping a certain amount according to your server. That is to say, love Shanghai to your server for a period of time to grab weight is certain, but repeated URL is a waste of the search engine grab opportunities for other important pages.

URL is dynamic or static, no influence on love Shanghai, we do not have any discrimination in dynamic URL strategy.

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