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, while in Silicon Valley, the semi formed project team will have more choices, and they can join the rising entrepreneurial academy, such as the Draper University. The school was founded by the Vc firm Dfj DFJ founder Tim · Draper Tim Draper was founded, for those who are not ready to start college, or not ready to enter the incubator and accelerator entrepreneurs to provide a buffer time.

for ordinary entrepreneurs, the vision and singularity university are looking for entrepreneurial projects seem remote, especially for those who have yet to start the project, with only half formed, idealistic, imperfect idea of entrepreneurs, how to better boost your ideas to your current first consideration.


I spent a day, probably looked under, 1520 home network Adsense did not buy advertising position.. People could not guess, he and I on the station to move? Administrator message, hope to share the station’s marketing model, although not too realistic, I still try it!

is very simple, when you first see, because of the effects of every curiosity to see if anyone will buy? If they sell? So, after a certain period of time, the advertisement position changed, everyone will go to check, who is the boss so heavily? This advertising, from the previous started to rise not worth a hair! The effect should be good!

of course, not every webmaster to do so, in doing so, in general, one sentence: "at the appropriate time to increase their value."."

The missing piece of

as far as I’m concerned, go to this step, if you do not buy the other station advertising to hang this advertisement, then he may be the next step will not ignore the sh419 Post Bar, affixed to the top when take the picture, you can according to the picture on the station to sh419 search, this effect should be general, if if the tool is affixed to the top….

singularity university is known as the Ivy League school from the future". It encourages entrepreneurs bold imagination, its graduate project is more like a tall business college, every year from the global recruitment screening outstanding entrepreneurs, for a period of 10 weeks of summer training courses covering almost the most cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, machine, biological technology, nanotechnology network and computer system, etc.. Entrepreneurs involved in the project should help at least 1 billion people over the next 10 years in various ways.

Draper said that the purpose of his own Draper University is to cultivate entrepreneurship hero". He believes that college students can learn many cases and techniques at Harvard and Standford business schools, but there seems to be something missing, and he hopes to fill it up with the school.

then his effect how? Let’s put this into advertising, all of the small and medium-sized website alimama a, then the effect as can be imagined! Cost also can not spend much money! Alimama 1 yuan is more than

well, if I can share the webmaster of the next weird, I will continue to send in stationmaster net! Let us wait ~~~~

crawled into the 1520 home network today and looked at his home page when he crawled on the Internet today.. Almost didn’t scare me to death… The advertising page on the front page has been sold for 8 million 880 thousand / week. It’s depressing. I don’t know who dares to buy it. It is the most expensive advertisement in the country… When I first started looking at it, I could not think of it. Then I thought about it. It’s also a marketing tool. Why,


Abstract for those entrepreneurs who have not yet started the project and only have half formed, idealized and imperfect ideas, how to better boost your ideas may be your first consideration at the moment.

! !

so, from a point of view: the Webmaster Station has obtained more and more prospective customers, increase income, improve the credibility, and hit the brand! Is killing two birds with one stone, not to kill two birds with one stone! This move is not surprising

Tencent technology Xu Anna reported December 28th

can be seen in the motto of "the Academy of heroes", "failure until success", and Draper University may be one of the most encouraging colleges in the world. Experimental learning is critical here, and entrepreneurs will be asked to try each

futurist, singularity University Singularity University co-founder Peter Diamandis said, we live in a golden age belongs to entrepreneurs, now more than ever more capable of using exponential growth technology, to solve the major challenges faced by human being.

in Beijing, creative, but half formed, most first-time entrepreneurs will choose 3W coffee and other places, to find the platform, listen to the experienced entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience, and expand the Internet business resources.

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