Do the site analysis in Shanghai dragon before optimization is the first step to success


Shanghai is not just a dragon issued by the chain and update the article can do the work, in fact, Shanghai dragon can be regarded as a battlefield in the war before, we must be ready to win the final victory. The so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai, love the stars that preparatory work we should start from the understanding of competitors, understand competitors should develop a set of Shanghai Longfeng implementation scheme and plan, and collect the chain optimization consulting website required and looking for the same industry related articles. Love stars will give you a detailed one by one.


often hear some people do not understand the Shanghai Dragon said: Shanghai dragon is very simple, is nothing more than a day outside the chain, update the article, is a not much technical content of the work. I love the stars whenever I hear of these ideas, always have some helpless from the bottom of my heart, these of Shanghai dragon cognitive is shallow and ignorant. Today love stars want to tell those who do not know very much about the people of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon fact and other work, is also a very technical content of the work, from the early to prepare the survey, implementation to the middle stage, and finally arrive at the home page ranking after the maintenance is very technical content, early to love the stars all links today often ignored for a detailed explanation.

said the chain resources, certainly every webmaster hand inside there are many, but here I was.

believes that many webmaster friends named Shanghai dragon is a very difficult to plan things, so often in the optimization of the early and did not go to make a set of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, and more of Shanghai dragon can not even a smattering of friends understand thoroughly. In fact, Shanghai dragon is a very simple thing, you can change a point of view, this scheme is good after is to see who? The answer is you. As for myself, then there is no more than what to hide, let go bold in accordance with their own ideas to do. The specific process we can follow two aspects to do: first to analyze their own website, from a number of internal and external links to the site of the domain name age, analysis of collected and updated website snapshot. Through an understanding of the site as a whole, to find out the deficiencies in the website, so as to improve. Second to analyze the website’s competitors in the same industry, understand the opponent website and their own website gap can accurately understand their own future work. The two results together with their own language to express, such a perfect Shanghai dragon optimization scheme is baked, so you still feel difficult to

first to optimize keywords to specify a set of Shanghai dragon plan


then should the chain resources required for the collection of web

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