An analysis of the application of wheel chain and mix Chain Optimization Website internal links

we can see through the wheel chain and mix chain, you will be fully released related articles to effectively link up from a user’s perspective, increased to the user push relevant content, to get more detailed the contents, increase website viscosity, let >

Secondly, Here we come to analyze

issued the relevant article page B, C, D, E……

again, in the directory A page B, C, D to add E, URL page, complete directory;


this is a picture of the flow chart I according to the use of wheel chain to do external links and to modify the picture above, you may understand the site of the internal links I said wheel chain and mix chain, general is linked or a series of related content, form a system, each other related links. This approach, although it will take some time and energy to influence the efficiency of editing, but the effect is very good, there are about specific effect. The following is a brief introduction of a specific implementation steps, you can also modify and optimize according to their specific needs:

in fact, behind can also add a A page, will push to home, why can not explain, everybody knows. I use this way a large number of links on your site, but may not allow direct A5 to add your own site in the URL link, so it is not made. But through the pictures and the steps you should understand what I describe the process. The picture is just a brief description of the use of page wheel chain, there is more important key and content for the station, can be round chain and mix chain implemented more thoroughly, can let users look more comfortable, but also can every important page optimize.

, is used to make website external links crazy wheel chain and mix chain in the end is how to use the skills in Web site chain optimization, first look at the picture below:

recently we could before the battle of domestic large group by using the wheel chain and mix chain QJ love Shanghai things fresh, after a lot of Shanghai dragon industry exposure, for the wheel chain and mix chain is discussed. I stood there for some time, also made many articles in the A5, but no one is about search engine optimization article, the original is very simple, I not the way. But by the professionals in the round and mixing chain chain introduced, my first feeling is, the wheel chain and mix chain if implemented in website internal link optimization, is also a very effective means in the chain, but also on the website with a good user experience optimization.


First of all, the

finally, according to the URL in the page wheel chain or mixed chain way to add URL to the page of B, C, D, E page.

released A index page, the content of blank;

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