Hefei Shanghai Longfeng share how to use A5 to write more original articles

4, A5 forum


network writing, there are many methods, Hefei Shanghai dragon only method of their actual operation to share with you. My site is Hefei Shanghai dragon, so choose A5. We can according to the characteristics of the site, choose your own website and relevant content of the writing, is the general method and principle.

1, Adsense news:

in A5 news every webmaster webmaster news, we can use the above news webmaster, write some personal views. This is what we often say that according to the real-time hot topic writing.

2 experience:

a lot of people in A5 in order to increase the signature replies. In fact, the weight of the BBS signature is now more and more light, my main purpose in the A5 forum to mix in order to find write original material. On the inside of the exchange, such as the A5 A5 answer, according to some questions which were analyzed and discussed, and find out the answer, so as to help people solve problems, enrich their knowledge, also can answer these discussions and write a summary record. This is not a very good original article?

this article from the Hefei Shanghai dragon worry >

as a webmaster, to increase fresh blood – Web content to the site every day. We know that the original content is search engine optimization of love, is the most helpful. Don’t know you have a feeling for a long time, write original articles, find nothing to write? I have a period of time that is. But soon I found a way to use A5 platform, writing original article. The Hefei Shanghai dragon free technology to share with you how to use A5 to write the original article.

This is my In fact, the original

in the A5 experience inside every day there are many webmaster submission. We know that the A5 audit is very strict, since it can be approved, that is very valuable. So we can see the inside of the experience, choose one of the two in-depth analysis, and according to different views of a particular person or opinion writing.

3, & search; Shanghai dragon

every day watching the program, I believe in the A5 mix of people every day in this column browsing. Because this column and the webmaster is closely related to us, the purpose of A5 is to learn knowledge, learn Shanghai dragon net operation knowledge. There are a lot of technical articles to help the Shanghai dragon, Hefei Shanghai dragon worry every day writing original preferred. According to the science and technology worry these articles inside said no Hefei Shanghai dragon, for practical use, and then use the process of writing the problems found in the good method to solve. In addition to these articles introduce every detail. Sometimes an article can write original articles 4-5.

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