Seize the user you can walk in the front of the search engine

1, search engine has been in imitation of the user’s reading habits. The search engine has been improved, what is the algorithm updates the purpose? Is not to find the same with the user’s reading habits algorithm. But this algorithm always just close to the user habits, can not be completely consistent with the habits of users, because the machine can never surpass human feelings and wisdom. In fact, search spider is a visitor, strictly speaking is a stupid visitor, because many people can identify the things which are not identified, such as pictures and flash. Search engine in imitation of human, people love, search engine will also love, if it is user oriented from the beginning, then search the spider will follow you.

In fact, why should we

entangled in the search engine what to change? Do we stand after all is in order to give the user the search engine is just a platform, heavy and light users tend to experience Shanghai dragon somewhat have the order reversed. Love Shanghai brutal adjustment algorithm serves to convey such a signal to the Webmaster: the user is your god. In the spread of various mainstream Shanghai dragon means after the basic purpose of doing optimization should be more and more clearly show in front of you, this is the user experience. That is to say, Shanghai dragon skills flood era has passed, it is moving in a healthy direction, the direction of the destination user experience.

optimization is not difficult to find out why the search engine will always emphasize the user experience: do stand in order to provide useful information to users, the search engine is to bring the best collecting information, and then according to the quality of presentation to the user. So whether it is the webmaster or search engine, both for customer service. Therefore, we just caught the user can go to the front of the search engine. The following three points is the powerful proof.

for the webmaster, the 2012 really is not an ordinary year, especially in the past few months, the algorithm continuously update to the webmaster breathless, even many people have lost their jobs. Many people swear to love Shanghai, love Shanghai even to the entrance of the headquarters demonstrations, said to justice. I didn’t comment on whether Shanghai has the love of indiscriminate phenomenon, you also should be more to reflect on their own whether there are irregularities in the process of business website. In fact, many people complain that love Shanghai should not have the phenomenon of cheating, because many cases focus too much on the search engine above, doing the most pure Shanghai dragon, thus ignoring the necessary user experience optimization.

2, user behavior is the search engine to determine the site according to quality. When the search engine has just come out, not many people use it, not with the behavior of users cooperate well. Therefore, the search engine of the earliest only from the site itself some simple parameters such as keyword density, external links to judge the quality of the site. However, when more and more people use the search engine, search engine.

In fact, as long as the return to the essence of

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