That Shanghai several crimes dragon how to understand Shanghai Dragon

: "many people have dragon Shanghai syndrome, frequently to search for specific web site keywords own concern, and many of these words is not to search time to find items, but the tracking website keywords ranking liaodong. After the search of love Shanghai Google search, can bring myself to the flow of the search to search a few. YAHOO says that because of advertising and find joy, and Shanghai dragon Er search is joy? "

technology to survive

three, Shanghai dragon is the content, the user experience is king

, Shanghai dragon who do not rely on search livelihood, Shanghai dragon only by


counter: home Shanghai dragon search site of these words is required for occupation work, as you go to any company, need to punch the card every day, every week to write summary, leading to the working status of your understanding. Similarly, Shanghai dragon to search keywords is responsible to take over the site, to dynamic real-time attention website. In other words, Shanghai Longfeng per search has become a habit to like you every day on the QQ

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recently in the industry Web site to see a "Shanghai dragon several crimes" in this article, the thinking of writing makes me feel very deep. I will not agree with him, just sigh, why Shanghai dragon will be evaluated as such? What causes? And there are so many people in the Shanghai dragon, I don’t understand a person to a thing or produce aversion, in the end is how deep hurt it triggered the sentiment. It seems that Shanghai dragon has now been defined as the crime of some people, as Shanghai dragon born me, although the feeling is not the taste, but here Liu Yufan wants to correct some viewpoints of the author, even from between the lines made me feel the author seems not to understand the true Shanghai dragon. Now listen to Liu Yufan’s analysis:

retorted: you said, see these, are a few, but they don’t call Shanghai dragon, please understand what is the real Shanghai dragon. You said Shanghai Longfeng flicker, in fact you are wrong, the Internet industry, who is not fooled, Robin Li, Ma Huateng every day Huyou you, you are not Pidianpidian with their products. So everything has two sides, not one that, this is not good.

two, Shanghai dragon no flicker more popular, Shanghai dragon intentions and concentrate on

text: "Shanghai dragon website keywords ranking ot service, and Paul also became the site keywords ranking service. But do not run away or charge up position induce people to buy Shanghai Longfeng services are frequent. A few days in Shanghai, love home security first, what’s the slogan of Shanghai dragon is how It is often seen., so the power of strong, I only saw the love of Shanghai and Shanghai high-speed annual profit decline, more is to search dragon metaphor parasites."

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