The future development of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love focus and Shanghai Dragon ndustry

1. Shanghai

K data

love this update, the chain saw is not very important, more focused on the content of the website. This update love Shanghai basically K dropped a lot of the acquisition station, the author had a two acquisition station is K, and the K is very powerful. The author analyzes the reason, love Shanghai is now on the pseudo original recognition ability is more and more strong. Under test and a pseudo original article by the time a lot worse than the original article, that is to say love Shanghai to the original article preferences have reached the maximum point of program. But the original articles on personal webmaster is really great, so we can only work in the false original, pseudo original how to record good? Here must take the penetration again completely changed, even if not change along the sentence all right, only to love Shanghai database there are similar articles on the line! Those who are still using automatic collection procedures of the webmaster, pause it, the author is a living example. Please see the specific K site data. The two station, K was collected before are good are included in the thousands of pages, keyword ranking is also very good, the weight is also good. Now,

following first love in Shanghai now a website.

recently, in a previous update Heby shop frequently, basically every day the fluctuations are large. Wonder, love Shanghai has slowly let the webmaster cannot read through touch. Shanghai love the fluctuation, a few happy worry, I worry that a group I belong. Today the author from personal experience to talk about love, and Shanghai Shanghai dragon algorithm adjustment, how to seize the key, and the development prospects of the views of Shanghai dragon industry. The text before the start, first look at the owners of the house Shanghai dragon two new data weathervane screenshot, you can see what some from the two pictures. The first picture is June 10th, today is second.

2. love Shanghai for the chain adjustment. Love Shanghai recently outside the chain of people do not understand, a lot of the chain website It is without rhyme or reason. no correlation. Past experience the chain will soon be gone, but this is very strong. Love is now Shanghai quality identification of foreign chain is also very accurate, especially the chain of correlation. The chain in Shanghai in the "Dragon

second K data

Focus on



here is to love Shanghai official announcement screenshot.

The ?The first is


The following is today’s




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