The chain we did to our website


2. test

This part of the

moved with the Xenu tool and checked his forum link page time error situation (Xenu tools can refer to www.admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110527/346715.shtml). It is not check not know, check jump, actually have so many URL points to the 404 page. But most are caused by the wrong forum users leave.

we should try to avoid careless chain unnecessary waste of resources. Shanghai dragon is a careful. Details determine success or failure.

1. HTTP at the beginning of

from the Shanghai Phoenix interactive forum 贵族宝贝www>


The use of

user is mainly because in the setting of personal data personal site. With no http head. For example, users set up personal homepage in Shanghai Longfeng interactive forum profile: www.& & &.Cn, after DZ procedure, this site will point to 贵族宝贝***.net/www.& & &.Cn, the site does not exist, it returns a 404 status code. In this case, there are many forums. This is not only good for the forum, but unfortunately owners spend a lot of time to the construction of the chain, the chain is not to my site. I hope so moved through this article to remind you to carefully build the chain. You can pay attention to details from the following points.

Click on the

but some careless owners of HTTP were all wrong, as htttp or HTPP, so in order to verify our left chain really point to our website, we also need to click the test. Click the test can not only verify the validity of the chain. This can also increase the quality of the chain. Because of the search engine is a standard to judge the quality of the chain is the chain of whether the user clicks. To achieve click test, we also need to understand what we do outside of the chain links pointing to our website. For example, the DZ forum, in each user’s personal website information display this picture link will point to our website in the website – if we leave our website.

can leave the site in any place, unless otherwise specified, are used at the beginning of the http. We use non HTTP at the beginning of the URL may be the picture above shows the situation. HTTP is the main Internet transmission protocol. See the search engine HTTP can also fully recognize this is a web site – even if it is a pure text.

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