Shanghai dragon is reflected in the more human nature

The content of


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this is a most important factor of search engine, the title should not only conform to people’s search habits should accord with the search engine segmentation habits, subject words and auxiliary words must be in proportion to the subject in front of auxiliary word in title, content 80% to highlight the main inscription, the auxiliary word only. Too much, can be misleading.

before the Shanghai dragon experiment, noble baby more cattle than really love Shanghai, optimization is also easier, which is mainly reflected in the noble baby included too fast, no matter what your station can be included in a few days, and based on the optimization of nobility baby seems as long as the deployment of key words will be easier.


the reason why we do Shanghai dragon is nothing more than in order to get more traffic to the site, to convert the flow of interest. The majority of the character are relatively quick, hard not what put the web traffic to tens of thousands. With the search for a rational return, good, original articles are gradually emerging, copy and paste the article was gradually removed after all, shielding, do optimization as the person, cheating is not desirable, although it came to nothing for a moment.


in the preparation of the original article must remember the main keywords around you to write the title, so you can not naturally put some keywords around the main auxiliary words written to the article, the article also naturally keyword optimization. We found that the search engine is in fact in writing according to the characteristics of human to the analysis of the text analysis. Many people love to write the first paragraph or the first two paragraphs of the >

Shanghai dragon has done more than a year, in which more than a year, regardless of Shanghai dragon in white black hat basically used, from the original site to a single site group is now operating also are compared, can be said to have a more profound understanding of the Shanghai dragon, and for there may be Shanghai dragon in one sentence can sum up: honestly do stand, conscientiously issued.

for personal websites do not consider too much on a keyword to do the best, between the content and the content of this web site will reflect the keywords very strong off each other, to make up for some users to search keywords appear does have a great effect, while the main keywords are also more prone to the forefront in the search engine.

lets you write a lot of the original article is certainly difficult, but the original article is indeed what we love, whether it is search engine or an ordinary people who do not want to search out a key result of the first ten pages are exactly the same content. So write original articles every day is very valuable, at least can show your uniqueness.

2, the title of

in the process of the experiment we have summed up the experience for reference:

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