Lenovo reflect on their work from Shanghai dragon obsessive compulsive disorder Avatar

second, must write the number of provisions of article

as everyone knows, is realized through the search command can generally love Shanghai daily Shanghai Longfeng data, direct search in general is that data is the most accurate and reliable through the love of Shanghai. However, with the one-time query data appear many webmaster tools, more and more owners began to rely on these tools. From the website included, the number of external links, keywords ranking, the site is expected to flow data such as full reliance on Shanghai Longfeng tools, this result is fully trust tools, unconditional trust, even every day, for he must use webmaster tools to check whether the data from the Shanghai dragon, just opened the morning computer or before going to sleep at night. Wheat is such a Shanghai dragon er.

first, we must use Adsense tools to check the data of

Shanghai Longfeng work webmaster are clear, " how to write the original article, how to write, how to edit the " sound; such problems around the ear. As a result, also to write their own articles every day, they also learn to change the pseudo original, the somebody else’s article, the first section is writing your own, the middle so. Since that.


said the obsessive-compulsive disorder, Lenovo to Shanghai Longfeng ourselves, will force myself to do something every day, but in fact these things of little importance, only their own wishful thinking behavior. Every day I work in Shanghai Longfeng, what are the obsessive-compulsive disorder? The following is the wheat summary, you also have the same or similar, similar to the

, Shanghai dragon tools a lot of data is not accurate, we need some attention of the data has not been listed, and the effect of information is of no great importance from time to time we do judgment. Therefore, wheat remind those who must use Adsense tools to check the website data buddies, Shanghai dragon is the most direct the most accurate data is from Shanghai in search of love. We love Shanghai through the search query to the data can be used as an important basis for our Shanghai dragon plan, without excessive demands on themselves to believe the Shanghai dragon tools.

In fact,

in August 25, 2014, a group of tyranny of obsessive-compulsive disorder avatar up in WeChat fire! What is the obsessive-compulsive disorder avatar? Originally, obsessive-compulsive disorder avatar refers to the general picture of the upper right corner to add a subscript, just as there are unread messages, many micro friends said "looked really uncomfortable". Wheat also personally play a few…… Open WeChat, see friends head on the upper right corner of a digital angle, it looks like unread messages, then click with your fingers to unable to restrain the emotions, thought like WeChat news that eliminate the comfortable, familiar, finally been teased. However, many people believe that there will be an obsession so — "must eliminate the corner". In line with the principle of the supremacy of the entertainment, the wheat with the change of such a picture, see who will be the next……

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