How to improve the site more effective ranking in the website optimization process

Website Optimization Company Kim Chuan Yi science and technology ideas, to which some ideas in the following, first of course is effective to add a site outside the chain, from this aspect, according to the experience of predecessors and lessons, Kim today once again organize the some methods and measures add to the quality of the chain, the hope can cause the majority of Shanghai dragon lovers and friends in the direction of development in a way to give the fans an update of the Shanghai dragon.

In fact, according to our Zhengzhou


The chain of

first, Shanghai dragon fans should know the soft outside the chain of parenting, these words do it? The chain added in the high quality of the chain through a lot of soft Wen, a habit is like a small gold, every day a soft, contribute to the A5, although a lot of the time not to A5 the home page, but there are many situations and opportunities will be reproduced, in this case, the chain brought to the site is very considerable, because the search caused relatively love original Dongdong, in this case, every day is a very soft add is worth thinking and the pursuit of a step the.

and what is the optimal? Is the short for a deeper level of website promotion, in this sense, has a very profound theoretical knowledge in there, but what a team constantly unremittingly efforts finally see always others in the row? Behind the poor, so that the outcome is cruel, but today, we from the aspects of the information support has been more popular, for this, we can have a very worthy of our attention advantage summary? Today Henan technology Oscar to give a thorough very concerned about.

for the optimization of the staff of Shanghai dragon heart, without optimization, the site do beautiful is a waste, this is obviously a thing, because in the Internet age, only to let more people see is the real profit point, conversely, can only be said to be a a very worthwhile for us to consider the real basis in fact, the market is still true today.


second, Kim Links feeling is very necessary for training, because according to the observation of some cases and Links can give us the relative weight is very considerable, because when the exchange of Links to others, generally choose some of the more their website high friend exchange Links, this kind of feeling "

early in the site just on the line, maybe everyone has a good planning and imagination for the site of the future, but with the passage of time, due to a variety of pressure, a lot of the time we are unable to do the Shanghai dragon enthusiasts have to adhere to the final victory.

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