How to reasonable layout of enterprise website keywords

, a home page target keywordsKeywords

enterprise website structure is relatively simple: home page column page, content page. In the search engine appears when assigning weights (7 points), the largest home is the second column page (5 points), the last is the content page (3 points). If a score set for each column, the higher the score, the higher the weight distribution, the greater the advantage of short keyword ranking. So we used to optimize the site home page hot key column page is used to optimize the main keyword expansion words, content page is used to optimize the long tail keywords column page. Here we give an example we take the "ecological wood" keyword as an example, the website of the layout in the layout of key words? Before we begin to analysis of key words, we must from the competition, keywords trend, demand, conversion rate of comprehensive analysis shows that, due to the space here is not listed, through the love of Shanghai client promotion is a very useful tool, the analysis of ecological wood Related words, the degree of competition and the search volume to reference.

recently and several Shanghai Longfeng beginners in the process of communication, found that only know the optimization of several main keywords, not a whole concept for planning and site keywords layout, reminds me of the time in the network company, responsible for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, fix a list of sales optimization, in order to reduce the time cost and risk optimization only, to customers to determine the 3-4 key (key words in the first optimization), we received a list of technology do website started around the main keywords began to update the content and the hair of the chain, every day update ah update, the chain is usually point to the home page, in order to allow customers to see the results as soon as possible the effect of ranking, the more that site is often K home, just a little place on the liberation, or go back to the 100 ranking rather baffling, there are many such that When it comes to this kind of problem, I believe that some share in the company’s network of friends, just contact for Shanghai dragon buddies, do website ranking is the optimization of home a few words, then your thinking is too restrictive, and the site will not play the biggest effect, according to the actual operation of the following experience to share enterprise website how to layout the keywords.

if you’re heading in some key words such as ecological wood prices, so in your site, you must meet the demand of ecological wood prices, or cry up wine and sell vinegar, users click to enter.

home is the site’s home page summary, important than the right column page and the content page keywords, to the degree of competition is relatively large, enterprise website keywords 3-4 a can, home can only optimize the "ecological wood" keywords, website title can be written into "ecological wood – a company name" but the site the title can be put to 32 characters. People in search of ecological wood ceiling, price, demand relatively large manufacturers. Can the layout of Related words in the title, to attract users to click through love Shanghai contrast before heading three page title as "XX brand ecological wood ceiling _ ecological wood prices _ ecological wood factory".

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