The Rhapsody of an entrepreneur selling service in group buying modeJin Yong’s novel tells you what

he cited early

Guo Jing second times to show the extraordinary vision, this company is cash from Mongolia, his own return to the Central Plains, the impact was the most prosperous market.

China overall O2O market staggering, even in my opinion will produce more than 10 listed companies, small vibration in the entrepreneurial process has encountered many problems, the starting point of his life service is quite good, the market is large enough, consumers have very strong demand, the future will have great prospects for development, but in my opinion, just the beginning, his entrepreneurial direction has encountered too many problems.

minibus always like to watch wuxia novels, especially Jin Yong. There are all kinds of truth in the world. When it comes to the end, it is always the same. Recently, the minibus turned over "heroes of the Condor" and made new discoveries.

in the world of Jin Yong’s novel, the product of enterprise competition is fist, whose fist is big and the force is high, who will take advantage in competition. Fist is not the only factor, but it is the most core competitive factors, and Gen Gi Khan’s army is not the focus, Guo Jing early chose to give up, fought in the arena market.

this ability, first of all reflected in the eyes of the extraordinary.

transformation era’s most successful investors, often like Huang Rong, both entrepreneurship and investment personality Bureau amphibious animal, not only investment of an enterprise, but to promote business growth in the process of investment.

Guo Jing is the leading actor in Jin Yong’s novels. We mention his characteristics are always strange, generally dull and persistent, and a Agam character. That’s true. That’s what the book says, such as learning things very slowly, people being a little stubborn, and so on, but it’s not enough to understand him.

one, should not be wrong to buy the idea of selling services

he saved by Kublai hunt archer zhebie, his protection at the most dangerous time, will face tight lipped. This is a dangerous hunters, in case of zhebie man was found, the life of Guo Jing will almost certainly be explained. But think carefully, in fact, is not so dangerous, because zhebie is a talent, conflict and Tiemuzhen is not fundamental.

a chance to meet a small entrepreneur, he is now pioneering project is to buy through the model into the O2O market, to provide users with life services. In the process of communication with him, found a lot of problems encountered in their development, here to share with you.

Guo Jing for the first time to show extraordinary insight, as a firm bargain hunting behavior.

of group purchase platform, can in a short time to attract a large number of users, but think, businesses can provide the services is uneven, the service project type number relative to traditional group purchase website more complex, so how can the party as a platform to ensure a good user experience? Deep tillage service life is the ultimate goal, hope that when the various problems encountered in daily users in the life, develop through the platform for searching service and user habits, group purchase is not very viscous.

in the small vibration, the information age makes people more and more lazy, daily work more and more pressure, the local life services market is huge, related to the service life of some projects, like computer repair, housekeeping, this kind of move, consumers online to find a suitable reliable service provider is very difficult. In such a process, the demand for service providers through the Internet is very large, and the electricity supplier era has trained users to pay online. But this kind of like 58 city classified information website, Taobao offered online life service, although to a certain extent to meet the needs of users, but often we do not know which of the service is better, the price relative to the line is not more expensive, some good sales businesses may also be the existence of fraud suspects. Xiao Zhen hopes to provide consumers with professional, high-quality and secure services through their platform in order to reduce the difficulties faced by consumers in filtering information. Because the group buying model is very attractive to consumers, so I hope to buy through the model to sell services. In the small vibration seems, they want to engage in not only simple intermediary services, but hope to provide service providers with an integrated marketing platform, in the future become a life service mall. In some home service projects, because of security, price transparency and other issues, so the need for supervision to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and their network can provide such a regulatory mechanism. As for the profit model, the former is not considered profitable, but the latter will be mainly in the form of royalty, the cost provided by the service provider. Finally, Xiao Zhen felt that they are carrying passion and dreams, not willing to mediocrity, although the start-up funds only 300 thousand yuan, but as long as the efforts will be successful.

they don’t necessarily understand, but his instincts are very good and his luck is good. The company was later zhebie Tiemuzhen merger, he also became the most powerful Tiemuzhen conquer the Eurasian war.

this round of hunters, Guo Jing is not a big winner, this can be called stupid

? After Guo Jing was born,

we have reason to believe that Guo Daxia has extraordinary talent from the beginning, but most people yanzhuo cannot read.

Zhongliang father died young, the equivalent of a bankrupt inherited small brands, are far from the core market of the desert. This original capital is nothing, and later he worked hard to build the largest listed company in Central China, if only relying on luck and perseverance, I am firmly not convinced.

borrow this opportunity, Guo Jing joined the region’s largest start-up companies in Mongolia, and later founder and CEO Tiemuzhen, sworn son daughter engagement, a considerable number of the original shares obtained.

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