The model of Pyramid Shanghai dragon success

Shanghai dragon’s success as a model in Pyramid. From the top down, but the fact is to lay the foundation from the bottom. Today with you a share, a truly successful Shanghai dragon optimization.



sixth, the quality of the chain

we often say content is king, the structure for the emperor. Optimization of the article, directly affect the search engines and user friendliness. For example, a store is out of the ordinary products, is caused by the favor of customers. Because people love new things. This is the same, too many sites are all the same. User friendly degree is decreased.

fourth, the internal structure optimization

quality of the chain of the site’s weight lifting, is one of the key points, the equivalent in other website for your valuable website vote. The chain is also the keywords ranking factors.

query keywords ranking, web site included page number, site outside the chain included the number, keywords competition degree analysis, through.

keyword strategyKeywords

trust is standing on the top of Pyramid, because it directly affects the search engine friendliness and user friendliness, only increasing website trust, network marketing is a step further.

structure is a direct impact on the search engine spiders crawl, the internal structure of a perfect website for users will be more guidance force. Will also increase the degree of user experience.

user experience

writing program

, a website is in operation, need a process, is conducive to timely adjustment and planning. The flow can be analyzed by statistical tools, such as IP,

is a website for users of cohesion, viscosity, viscosity and other simple operation, is to improve the user experience of the site of good method.


site visibility is a factor which the user access to the site, if your site where users can be seen, the visibility will be greatly improved, such as: VANCL, wheat bags etc..

user keywords

brand in network marketing, is a very important factor. Direct response brand is the user in the brain, it has captured the heart of quality user, brand management is not good, will also allow users to lose trust. For example: power washing powder, then the energy and mineral water production, lead to bankruptcy.


First, Ninth, statistics and analysis of

Statistical analysis with

said, in fact, is your keywords, keywords will be designated as "hot water bag manufacturers, hot water bag etc..

brand management

tenth, auxiliary tool


, second well-known

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