Search environment adjustment new opportunities for Shanghai dragon er



Shanghai Phoenix encounter new opportunities, the company will invest more in Shanghai and Phoenix, the challenge will naturally bigger, we must make every effort to get to the top ranking again, Xiaobian to share some dry cargo:

How to adjust the

1, keep the high quality: no doubt, love Shanghai.


search environment adjustment

data show that the love of Shanghai before the adjustment of Shanghai Longfeng flow is not ideal, small website is also the case, even if the keywords ranking do first, to optimize consultation or rarely, the main source of performance in bidding, only through the expansion of other popular long tail word jianlou". However, after adjustment, the website ranking, maintained the same weight, the Advisory quantity optimization accounted for 20%-30% of the total amount of consultation, before a few years Shanghai has never had such a dragon proportion.

Shanghai dragon new opportunities

before adjustment:





assumes that the search results, click on the number one is 1.5 times of the next (for example: 1 hours, the first row of the site is 27 points, then the second row is only 18 points, ranked third only 12 points… And so on…), so big before and after adjustment SEM, bidding flow and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng traffic accounted for much? Small calculations, the specific calculation process is not put out, directly on the results:

recently for Shanghai dragon Er has a good news, Shanghai made a big adjustment for love. Love Shanghai home for promotion from the 10 cut to a maximum of 4, which greatly reduced the proportion of bidding, promoting the importance of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Big brother fell in love with the sea was adjusted, 360, Sogou, what are all to follow, to promote a reduction to 3-4 position, Shanghai dragon Er renewed spring second.

in the end of this search environment bring much improvement to Shanghai dragon industry? We use data:

(the above data for reference only, the actual click rate by keywords, description, web content and many other factors, the price is not competitive at any time is full. But by comparison can see, Shanghai dragon in the adjustment of the benefit is obvious.

"Shanghai dragon too bitter!" insiders from black, but very realistic. A day to write articles, send the chain a day, ranking is not gone up. Finally the rankings do home, was also bidding to suppress the people, ranked 5 after the auction are not what people, you do it again? Website optimization to less, leadership, customer is not happy, really bitter! This is the introduction of the background.

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