Search analysis of the new version of love Shanghai picture user experience details

above is a picture of the details of the layout, picture display not to talk, many websites have such pictures, the focus is part of the draw several. You can see the collection button, the download button, full screen button, and display the user in addition to the source of this picture, the recommended label is a major bright spot, convenient for users to find relevant information. With the old version of the Shanghai love image search compare, the old version of these are not humanization details layout, for example if you want to download a picture, you can choose the right click save, can also choose the right click to download this map. For the Internet veteran, the two ways not what difference basically, but for white users who just learn the Internet is concerned, may they do not go to the right, now have these humanized small buttons, it is much simpler. The display user information, I feel is to encourage users to share their love Shanghai love love Shanghai pictures, so that the whole picture library will be more and more.

careful users will see the new love.


layout details

: a search for love Shanghai photo navigation

image search using the last 360 layout waterfall, 360 can be said to be copied to love the practice of Shanghai, Shanghai has been the reform last year love love Shanghai love Shanghai pictures and MP3, especially the search for love Shanghai pictures, using a similar Google image search page layout, that is the waterfall flow layout style. So that Shanghai is not innovation, always follow the practice of Google, and before the love Shanghai image search, layout of personal feeling waterfall is more fashionable, more dynamic. Not only is the waterfall flow layout to attract users, the new love Shanghai image search function of the user experience and some details do good place, here is the new love Shanghai image search home page:

Figure two details:

as shown above, part of the new Shanghai love home navigation image search, pet, photography, design, tourism and other columns of the main navigation, because more columns cannot be all displayed on the page, so finally added a "more" link, under this link, you will find a dress, delicacy other columns, on the right side of the navigation and a let users upload pictures of the "Upload" button, and the majority of the main site column below and there are many small classification, these small classification naturally become time navigation. The navigation shown below is the popular image of each column, and today’s hot search term, similar to the website of the labels, according to popular keywords to find relevant pictures, use the page design style color: gray and white, simple and generous. A lot of photography websites are using such love color collocation, all love Shanghai image search of the entire home is similar to the site navigation, through the navigation allow users faster and more direct find yourself looking for pictures. For the user experience, it is in place, in addition to the home page, the key is to analyze some layout love Shanghai image search.

pictures inside page

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