Shanghai Longfeng promotion clicks is no longer weapon

Shanghai Longfeng recoge

effect is not denying that there is indeed, according to the traffic software settings can quickly be 20 sites within the rapidly home before and even in the first three. Again before, there have been many webmaster mentioned drawbacks clicks in love Shanghai complaints and suggestions, click on the result after the upgrade has been Scindapsus algorithm search engine filter.

Shanghai dragon in a short duration of time, perseverance, guarantee the stable chain website, based on the content of the website is updated continuously website ranking will come up in the course of time. The author also remind the webmaster not opportunistic, intelligent recognition technology of search engine has reached us to imagine the realm of authority and stability, to want to be loved by the users of the site will start from 0, adhere to is the core technology of the Shanghai dragon.

software is currently the mainstream click paid version, the price of 1000, 2500, 5000, for different keywords price setting different words. I have bought several sets of clicks through continuous testing software, long time found clicks have different degree of harm to the site, such as the keyword of the website will be hard to achieve second page, click on the click after distributed processing after the words did not find not only the location specified, instead of keywords to 100 outside the. According to the correlation analysis, the author draws a conclusion that clicks after clicking on the search engine keyword analysis, if by clicking on the keywords search volume within a week and more than the ordinary, suddenly a lot of traffic sources, the search engine will be subjected to different degrees of punishment on click this words into the site, this light a keyword 100 outside, or all of the keywords are outside the top 100, the so-called right down.

Click on the

Before the

贵族宝贝buxiugangm贵族宝贝 with the original link please, thanks.

distributed principle

some time ago to each big BBS every day there are people with different hyperbole to describe the rank clicks effect, which impressed me most is a word like "24 hours in the love of Shanghai before three, invalid refund" advertisement. Some people even with the click on the ads to promote software, such as a push on the official website has hung text ads "love Shanghai (ranked 2 days package to 3)" the text ads. Learning site optimization techniques, rapidly improve the website, please login to take www.xuanxue贵族宝贝.

The original Click on the damage

in Shanghai before the official green love algorithms do not click on the principle is, according to different regions, different IP, different operating system to simulate the real Click to enhance the user experience. All know that love Shanghai official has lead us to make the user experience to enhance the comprehensive quality of web pages in the search engine, and click on the click is not to improve your website real user experience of how mandatory.

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