Teach you how to put multiple sites with a virtual host

then A station

response.redirect " c/index.asp"

B station

copy to clipboard code:

default home page before you set up

response.redirect " b/index.asp"

) in the A folder


file as follows

implementation method is as follows:

response.redirect " a/index.asp"

index.asp "

Many webmaster friends around

end if%>


elseif Request.ServerVariables (" SERVER_NAME" =" www.b贵族宝贝 " then

in the B folder

elseif Request.ServerVariables (" SERVER_NAME" =" www.c贵族宝贝 " then

other Description: if the virtual host does not support sub directory binding, this is the only effective way to

, try to do a website, and are very creative, but sometimes encounter site no longer operating difficulties, but a website was down, a new idea has emerged, but the virtual host price generally more expensive, often a friend asked, can you use a virtual host can put some of my website? The answer is yes, here to see my way:

if the user access to the www.a贵族宝贝 space program jump to the directory a/index>

C station

response.redirect " aaa/index.asp"

) in the C folder

<%if Request.ServerVariables (" SERVER_NAME" =" www.a贵族宝贝 " then

, a index.asp

this is a very simple way is to use a ASP file through the browser enter the domain name, he is determined to open the folder of the site, to achieve a virtual placement of multiple site

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