Google webmaster tools are classified as sub domain internal links

How to deal with Google

said it is suitable for WWW and non www version and other sub domain, explained: "these days, most people think that example贵族宝贝 and www.example贵族宝贝 are the same site, so we are using this new way to change the situation, whether you add example贵族宝贝 or www.example贵族宝贝 to a site from WWW and non www version of domain name links will be classified as internal links. Have a domain name since there are many people who have their sub domain, we also extended this idea, the other sub domain is also included, so the internal links from cats.example贵族宝贝 or pets.example贵族宝贝 links will also be classified www.example贵族宝贝." The following chart is used to explain the specific.



in the Google search results are listed in the sub domain, how to link and look at the Google algorithm from sub domain links, announced in its blog post and no instructions.

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