Tell you what you do not understand the love of Shanghai weight

first, basic score is the most basic web site, is also the most uncertain factor.

The basic score

then love Shanghai weight is not really exist? Dennis here I can clearly tell you that BR does exist, but not by direct numerical display. Love Shanghai said bluntly that the weight of the comprehensive score of website, it is judged according to the comprehensive score of web based scoring, voting score and user satisfaction scores. In the website optimization process, there is a certain limit for the site itself, like the stock market trading limit standard. Surge in a certain period of time there will be abnormal fluctuations, and the normal range is in line with the Shanghai rules of love. We have the following specific to research on the effects of weight factor score love Shanghai.

website contains the website access speed, website structure, website content readability and website value. We know the visit speed of website server, even if the stability of the server space, but the weather is unpredictable, who also can not completely control; the structure of the site can negotiate with the station staff at the beginning of the site, a flat structure and breadcrumbs is advocated by our website structure; website content is the most can not judge this, according to the content of their own value and additional value can meet the maximum needs of users, need to do according to the Shanghai dragon Er raging like a storm network requirements; the website value is actually a summary, to determine the site of the audience, content scarcity, timeliness and quality according to the website, as well as the index value.

before I Dennis and share the website optimization in BR and PR, from which we have learned a lot of webmaster tools of annotation love Shanghai itself just weights for forecast of traffic to the site, not love Shanghai gives a website in real weight. This shows that the numerical weight can actually be disguised, especially for some Shanghai Dragon God, can be achieved by brush technology index.

second, voting score is the key to the station outside the station optimization.

third, user satisfaction score is the priority among priorities in website optimization. >

speaking of voting score comes to mind itelinks voting and external links to vote. This is an old topic, but today I still want to say again. The station is to vote in the chain, home will give each column page and the content page and the content page can vote keywords in anchor text links to the home page and column page to vote. But in fact this is not necessary, a vote can be, search engines are not many times for the cumulative score, page navigation has been home to vote, and in the chain main significance is to guide the user to click, increase the depth and breadth of spider crawling. Outside the station for voting refers to the chain, here is very simple, no matter whether the chain age regression, we have to do is to make the high quality of the chain, to understand that a high quality of the chain will be far more than dozens of general links caused by voting for preferred value, rather than the number of wins.

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