Reflection on love Shanghai to make your website why row to the first page

egoism love Shanghai

rule 1: the user is


some places have opportunities in the Internet era, this is not an empty talk! Gathered hundreds of millions of users love Shanghai is fully deserve business treasure, a variety of advertisers, partners stampede in. And these are the users for the love of Shanghai.

has been a lot of Shanghai dragon Er seem to have this kind of thinking, Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is updated daily articles and send the chain, ranking will continue. But never seem to have such reflection: why do you love Shanghai site on the home page of

Shanghai Longfeng reflection ranking!" As shown in figure


understand the importance of users love Shanghai, we love Shanghai to explain the egoism principle, this is the love of Shanghai "to row to the first page of the basis.

love Shanghai ranked principle is the best, the most needed information pushed to the home to meet the needs of mainstream users. Because the only way to get more people to use love Shanghai, improve the amount of users. This is why in recent years, Shanghai dragon industry user experience more and more of the. Everything is for users of

teacher, I insist every day to update the article, all day outside the chain, ranking is not why? "A few days ago a trained students complained to me that.

April 2016 search engine market share

he was stunned!

"love Shanghai official document has never suggested that daily updates articles, send the chain will be given


wants to bring your website home page? Do the user experience of the website! If you >

we assume the following situation: Shanghai will love some pages on the home page, and the page information is not needed by the user after the user clicks on the go and did not get the answer you want. A bad search experience! It is possible to make his or her turn to other search engines? Yes! If things go on like this forever? Love users in Shanghai will continue to drain, shrinking market revenue. This is of course it could bear.

source of life love in Shanghai


Rule 2:

my reflection, and found the answer, it will take you together to uncover the mystery with the method of reverse derivation.

for 2016 April, China search engine operator revenue market share, of which Shanghai accounted for more than 60.03% of love. Who is this it brought far more than other search engine market revenue? The answer is user! As domestic users of universal network access to information, users love Shanghai has been ranked the first list of search engines, and far more than other search engines.


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