Quickly improve website weight method three Winning keywords

Keywords !

Hello, I am virtual son rain. In front of everyone to write two article "rapid increase website weight method: the content of" shortcut "to rapidly improve the site weight method two: the chain king", the introduction is the rapid increase in the weights of the website, to tell the truth, to write these articles I spent some time on the net weight of this one, I want to do a series of, want to let oneself more systematic in this respect, also give you a very complete concept, I hope you continue to focus on my update.

B, the difference between primary and secondary

this is a lot of friends and talked about, the choice of keywords to the attention of the time of a ladder type trend. The general is not too large a website keywords in the 4-5 or so, my suggestion is to set up two key words difficult point, two medium, and at least one very easy to do. So it will be easy for us to optimize the multi. The reason we think must understand. Some people ask me is "easy to difficult", or "easy to" good, I can’t tell, but I prefer "easy to difficult", because the search engine will give the key words in front of a high weight, so the optimization difficult becomes much simpler.

A, the "easy to difficult" difference method

choose a lot of methods, in my previous article also talked about a lot, you can refer to an article I had written "virtual son rain: eight trick to teach you to choose the right keywords". If you read this article still feel not enough, I can see below for some very good small methods introduce:

website selected can not meet the needs of the users to search, so we in the choice of when will make a choice, choose some mainly used to optimize the website, but also optimize the secondary keywords. The choice of keywords would be the difference between primary and secondary, secondary is not our main object, but the same weight >

talked about winning the most important keywords, must have three aspects: 1, the choice of keywords and keyword optimization; details 2; 3, the long tail keywords optimization. Do these three aspects I believe we can do it and not be winning victory. Below I will from the three aspects one by one to introduce, hope that we can love

, the 1 key wordsKeywords

crap, say some experience today I want to share with you, it is on the fast third methods to improve the weights of the website keywords: winning. Keywords is the main direction of our optimization, whether it is from the beginning to choose specific optimization, it is very important, the use of keywords ranking to improve fast magic to enhance the site weight, I also insist on a big aspect, a series in the first, I introduced some skills about mining long tail keywords, talked about keywords role, I will from all the words to tell you how to use them to enhance the website weight today.

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