How to do a good job in Shanghai English noble baby Longfeng foreign trade station

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1, select a reliable host space, independent of IP, it is very important to the search engine, only the stable space is the basic guarantee of ranking.

The following

around the central idea I have a discussion with you my idea:

Update the

2, now a lot of open source program to build a website, such as WordPress, phpbb, Vanilla etc. are excellent open source, very friendly to Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon station is concerned we need extra money to buy website program.

The noble


we can’t cheat noble baby, they are IT elite to constantly change the algorithm, we’re smarter? Profile signature from the original XRUMER, SENUK SNS, BLOG, WEB2.0, LINKFARMER link to LINKEXCHANGER links to buy factories, etc., have a few when these are plays well, SEMRUSH had to share an article, I introduced Chinese imitation, XRUMER alone can do it all in the first row, but now with the improvement of noble baby algorithm, this is not possible, then what should we do to Shanghai dragon English foreign trade station

about the website construction:


is now the Internet garbage information overload, we must return to the source, we know that the core of the search engine is to provide valuable information for the search, since we can not try to change the search engine algorithm, can only do Shanghai dragon below its established framework, regardless of how to change the search engine algorithm, but the site has not been to support quality the search engine is changed, the original support, respect for intellectual property rights and copyright either online or offline will never change.

this is the priority among priorities, anything first to the internal foundation, the acquisition is also unacceptable in any case (unless comprehensive portal). We only have a theme to do meticulous, refine the selected theme, such as weight of this piece, we can from the perspective of social medicine and the dangers of obesity, tell the necessity to lose weight from the female perspective, from the perspective of how to do the diet to lose weight, from the angle of human nature to weight loss method etc..

baby development up to now, Shanghai Longfeng cost more and more. Google update algorithm in June 21st plus the news station was hit, for news media must add "sponsor", the more aggravated the difficulty of Shanghai dragon English foreign trade station.

3, the content of the website I recommend a professional, for example you need to write the law on specializing in law, we do not need no energy to do a comprehensive website, one is content you can’t complete me, the other is difficult to optimize our selected keywords, you need to optimize too much.

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