On page optimization three note

1, page optimization is not only keywords optimization

page optimization in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is one of the basic contents, but also the focus, but many webmaster because understanding of page optimization is to update the content, keywords optimization of these two aspects, in the optimization process always imperceptibly step such as misunderstanding, this article will share with you four page optimization attention, to avoid misunderstanding more page optimization webmaster makes efforts in vain.



As shown

can be obtained, the world ranking any page will provide special effects, but often get the perfect Lve Shengyuan title and title.

as shown in the page optimization process have appeared in the optimization of your work? On the surface, this is a very complicated problem, in fact it is not complicated. For the same goal of most users and intentions, one page is enough.

3, comprehensive and multi page

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although I entered the Shanghai dragon optimization was two years ago, but in the sense of this two years, I also know that the search engine more and more intelligent, more and more intelligent, so a few years ago the page optimization way if now still use it, then you have a complete failure.

correctly will follow the 80/20 rule, 80% of the value creation from the 20% title. Make sure your keyword or keyword phrase in the page, including title.

content, we will see two different algorithms for page retrieval diagram. The algorithm is simple a few years ago, the right is the page view complex. Of course, put this content is not to say no keyword optimization, the optimization is intended to remind the webmaster, the most fundamental is the authenticity of the experience, the value of human users is that they can bring high returns to your work.

is in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in your existing two words on the same page or phrase is established separate page

! Figure

effective target keywords in your page or URL, which is the essential content, but with the analysis of the algorithm becomes more complex and the search engine "reading" and more and more human reading mode, in the course of their search, they will analyze the content of the page:



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