The new website optimization not instant success More haste less speed

, a website, the link is not optimized, the user experience is not high: just do website builders rarely done a comprehensive diagnosis of column structure comprehensive and page links, only with the company’s marketing urgently on the internet. This is bound to leaks, common problems include "a dead link, website website content is repeated, etc., once just do" into the space, is bound to be love Shanghai spiders to crawl at any time, if the site as a whole layout defect, or dead links, is bound to make the website to love Shanghai and other search engines to leave a bad impression, it will cause harm to the passive situation of website optimization work late.

and the evolution of the search engine algorithm, the new site just online review is strictly before, especially the search engine market share occupy a great love for the site of Shanghai, just on the line more cautious. As a webmaster, especially the optimization of new website owners, do not hold the utilitarian attitude to operate Shanghai Longfeng, otherwise it will make the site The loss outweighs the gain.

thus, a lot of problems to the attention of the new on-line website optimization, we propose a new online site, do not be anxious, the content of the website column perfect or updates to how much can be released, finishing, step by step, not a quick buck made the mistake, leading to the site the decline in ranking. As the Shanghai dragon beginners should have a positive attitude, the content of the website or update, the chain, or a good grasp of rhythm, every little bit to work.

three, a new station in Shanghai Longfeng quick: a new line on the website, because business owners eager to see keywords ranking results, will urge Shanghai dragon Er fast to do website ranking, website optimization personnel, under pressure in the website content will appear very thorny, the use of high density keywords approach to update the article, or a pseudo original article, or even simply copy content from other sites and resources, released a large number of external links, a time to improve the number of web spiders crawl web content. Although this approach in the short term play a certain effect, but you will find the website ranking short up straight after the decline, serious love Shanghai website directly delete, I had experienced a similar case, for your reference warning.

With the development of

then the optimization performance new site quick in those

two, website content homogenization: new website built, including company introduction, product description and other information, are fast and easy way, directly from other sites or directly copy the deceitful to know others put all sorts of things together, the content on the site has been search engine crawl, you can pursue the use the resulting web content, high repetition rate, no creative and differentiated directly, the result is not the search engine search records your web pages, especially love Shanghai, put your site as low quality sites, and the long term on the sand box after the observation, in order to stand up is difficult.


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