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is the link of A web page to B web page, then A link is the reverse link of B web page.


do reverse link to pay attention to continuity and stability, how much hair a day, how many days continuously, do not send today do not send tomorrow,

The concept of

three, hang ad

do backlinks?

large corporation will be the infrastructure of artificial intelligence and automatic driving


in artificial intelligence, automatic driving field, Ali, sh419, shlf1314 and other large enterprises is very arrogant, but also put a lot of resources, but the enterprise is more in the "Bridge Road", and set the standard for building ecological effect. In the field of artificial intelligence and automatic driving, large enterprises often locate themselves as infrastructure, and develop a platform for other entrepreneurs to take part in them, and gradually enrich their ecology.

believe that many of my friends are on me! But you earn money? If you earn money so please leave, if you haven’t earned 100 yuan, so please continue to look down! I told you of how I earn one hundred yuan! In fact, it is easy to make money as long as the method of according to this method, hard to do so, then you are the winner!

this year, artificial intelligence, automatic driving is obviously in Dafengkou, not only have sh419, Alibaba and other large companies involved in artificial intelligence, automatic driving, a series of start-up companies have reached the market on a scent. Many people seem to lack entrepreneurial skills, and have little or no advantage over BAT.


large companies need start-up companies to participate in, around the big company’s industry in the field of expansion layout, in-depth exploration, and constantly make the ecology bigger. Pioneering companies need to do is to use infrastructure, in the public platform, technology to absorb nutrients, and gradually take root, germination, in-depth exploration of their own technology.

to the major forum posts, bring your own web site link, group build blog, bring your own website link, or buy a link directly, don’t be afraid of K!

flow is the most difficult step, but as long as we do, it is very easy, I teach you to get traffic is SEO by SEO, easy access to 1000IP, as mentioned above to do the website is English station, so is the main job of the shlf1314 search engine, SEO is search engine optimization that is simple website ranking, so how to obtain the rank, is actually very simple, is a word – reverse link, reverse link was the site of the

reverse links do what to do next! Next is to insist on waiting, as long as we insist on, there must be rankings!

what is a reverse link?

! !How does

can be said that the big companies in artificial intelligence, automatic driving field often plays a fundamental role, they bear the education market, integration of industrial chain, the objective is to promote the industry rapidly mature and universal. Big companies and start-up companies actually complement each other and love each other. Large companies prefer to invest in or acquire stronger start-up companies to reduce their trial and error costs. As we all know, AlphaGo is shlf1314’s artificial intelligence robot, but almost no one knows, in January 2014, shlf1314 to $630 million acquisition of deep thinking company, and ultimately formed today’s AlphaGo.

want to make money, they must have a website, actually website is very simple just to get a set of CMS becomes, but find art to beautify is the better, to choose their own love theme, do a website on the subject, and is hard to promote, make flow, remind here. Must buy abroad to buy space

money step is to engage in traffic, website, advertising, money is so simple, but ordinary website 1000IP do earn one hundred yuan! So I tell you, do English station hang AdSense 1000IP money is equivalent to the following domestic 1W IP me to dwell on one, do website

is actually very good understanding, for example, the Tencent developed the WeChat, but there is no way to Tencent in WeChat ecological really by themselves to support the independence of the contents of the public number, the electricity supplier WeChat game plate, plate, face plate, the more is to gradually open to start-up companies to support the ecological build up. The same is true of the future of artificial intelligence and autopilot, which can often be used by the mass consumer market

what should I pay attention to doing backlinks?

, however, that is not the case, artificial intelligence and automatic driving technology is rapid to mature stage, large companies as a platform for enterprises more is a breakthrough in the overall technology, and in segments or through the open source way to build ecological, let the small and medium-sized enterprises involved. And small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in many segments of the key technology, compared in segments and large companies, often Yiqijuechen irreplaceable. Therefore, entrepreneurs can also play artificial intelligence and automatic driving.

SEO do garbage station day earn one hundred yuan cheats mode analysis:

two, make traffic


advertising without considering directly linked to AdSense, 1000IP and that you earn 100 yuan the proof! Go directly to the shlf1314 application advertising can be, if you apply for it can buy this kind of account, but note that this class is easy to K

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