The search engine more intelligent way of expression

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now the number of links does not determine the website ranking, I feel no need to do too much garbage connection, if you want to do website ranking, can do some high quality and has a guiding role of the link is of high quality Links. The Ya Ya play mobile phone games: 贵族宝贝yayawan贵族宝贝/ original, reproduced please indicate the source.

this method before the effect is very good, but with the change of the Internet, the website has become more and more, now like the classification directory submission or as before that the effect is good, so the novice friends need not be obsessed with it.

3, the original article is more popular

number of links

is a good user experience to enhance the degree of website ranking will be better, here refers to repeat more website, click is higher in the search engine, website social sharing more sites will have better ranking. It also made a lot of practical to do the station, there are more opportunities.

before being reproduced, others website weight higher than us, their articles will be included, our article will not be included, but now basically can be included, and can obtain good rankings, it also shows that the search engine a progress.

today I saw an article written by Wang Tong, the main content is about the search engine update algorithm for adjustment, the old optimization method is eliminated, and analyzing some optimization strategies of the latest take. Because of its content to write more, too many details not mentioned in all aspects, so I have to show off some of his own ideas, here we see it:


classification directory submission weight reduction;

If we write the

that we can from many well-known business websites can see. The author was observed before many websites, each one-way links too much, and he directed the website, if outbound links too much, and there is no link, then this site is love Shanghai filter.

link effect if left in some very little, the link weight is not high site text, is not only a waste of time, spend some time on your own website to write a lot better than the original.


search engine more intelligent

2, the user experience to enhance the degree of

The 4,


1, link down

text linksI think this

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