Love Shanghai original site protection plan how to add the original protection What are the benefit

protect the love is not the first year in Shanghai, but for many years, but each time in the hope that failed to get a better result.

to do this is to separate collection and original area, the feeling is very easy, but the love inside Shanghai is actually to open up is: capture, collection, storage, display and so on all aspects of the department. This is not to say that only a department will be able to solve the problem, but also for the identification of love Shanghai is you go to someone else’s platform to publish content, you posted on their website content in sea to grab this is not the case, so that the original thing love Shanghai this time must be done properly, I hope you webmaster to cooperate with Shanghai in the first half of this year have been in love silently out of the original sound inside do, get better support! Some small website some sites with big love Shanghai will be original content protection, then don’t worry about the small web pages of original content is slow.

The original

the problem is many webmaster and site are very concerned about the problem, here we must seriously look, understand

original protection background? Why should we do to protect the original

protection? protection?


this afternoon, Xiao Bian ahead of the daily work, and take the initiative with the leadership for afternoon love Shanghai live webmaster can learn the original protection knowledge! Get the leader’s approval, in advance to prepare the word document and broadcast about the main content of knowledge. In Shanghai the head of the community revealed early Qing Qing before this broadcast will be invited to Shanghai to protect the original love Webmaster Platform head of operations, and from watching live users can select a part of the opening inside the original authority.


this thing to say why

background?Because the original

how to add original

now has hundreds of original site to join, has made good progress in all aspects of the original recognition, to talk about the original protection problems here, when the love of Shanghai webmaster said: any live and original problems can carry out, to open a back door inside.

2, how to submit

protection before it has been a long time there have been some inside, with the original site in Shanghai protection plan in love.

In fact, the original data?

first love Shanghai original protection belongs to the medial stage, we need often focus on love Shanghai webmaster dynamic friends and watch live today! And micro-blog can enjoy the attention of love Shanghai original invitation priority protection function.


site to join the original protection plan, what is the return to the

3, website income is what


? ?The original


1, how to add original


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