Hyperlink algorithm upgrade cheat conjecture will pull the curtain K station continued tonight

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index: tonight K station assumes

by creating cross round value chain established a web page or site. Although Google Chinese withdrew from the mainland market, but PR still left in the Links exchange market, by many Shanghai PR and Shanghai Er to dragon dragon, and cross links become the main means of high weight station upgrade website page. In fact, for the drawbacks of cross links is very much, apart from this first change chain model is not good management, then cross link value is nothing more than the PR value of the site and keywords ranking, the purpose of both sides is not the same as the lead to the final result is unsatisfactory, and cross links related to the black hat tactics, this is a Shanghai dragon circles taboo.

love Shanghai concrete anti deliberate manipulation of hyperlink cheating, then make a concrete analysis:

?We take a look at the

so, what’s the most likely site in Shanghai after the update is love tonight K station or ranking affected by

chain plays an important role in the Shanghai dragon, it is "content is king, the chain for the emperor" the truth of existence, and enduring. But today, love Shanghai officially announced the hyperlink cheating algorithm after the upgrade, "the chain for emperor" has become the past, its importance is devalued, and even become the first factor of K station. I believe there are a "website ranking" unrest, all outside the chain advantage website maybe tonight, or will be affected a little fluctuation.

program on sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site. Mass software, develop steadily in a Shanghai dragon age, may have quit the stage of history, at least as far as I know the webmaster friends with mass software chain is not one, but have to say that there are still many people in the chain using bulk software. The mass chain software left, it is garbage outside the chain, its quality is poor, and easily lead to site outside the chain because of soaring prices, the timeliness of the chain, each target site has its own set of methods to suppress the chain, once found, whether it is a warning, or shield, or Title The chain of this no nutritional value, the survival rate will be very low.

indexThe use of

can enhance the so-called website weight links. The majority are some of the railway station, in order to obtain the high ranking, buy a lot of high weight PR site link weight purchase link is that we can get higher in the short term, so as to enhance the website and keywords ranking, also can improve the site search hits in the short term, but the opportunities and risks are at the same time there, now love Shanghai super chain cheating algorithm upgrade, this website will become a target for all.


tonight K station: * * *

tonight K station index: * *

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